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What is validation?
process of comparing data with a set of rules to find out if data is correct.
reduce data entry errors and enhance data integrity before program writes data on disk
What is a file processing system?
each department or area within organization has its own set of files
What is the database approach?
many programs and users can share data in database...secures data so only authorized users can access certain data.
How do a database application and a file processing application differ in the way they store data?
two separate files-every dpt. has their copies..can get what they need with member id
What is a data dictionary?
contains data about each file in database and each field within those files
What is a query?
request for a specific data from a database.
What is query language?
consists of simple, english-like statements that allow users to specify data to display, print, or store
What is a query by example?
program retrieves records that match criteria entered in form fields. has a graphical user interface that assists users with retrieving data
What is a form?
window on screen tha provides areas for entering or changing dta in database, used to retrieve and maintain data in a database, form that sends data across newwork or internet is called e-form, short for electronic form
What is a report generator?
allows user to design a report on screen, retrieve data into report design, then display or print reports, also called report writer
What is data security?
access priveleges define activities that specific user or group of users can perform. To ensure only authorized users can access data.
What are backup?
backup is a coy of the entire database
What is log?
log is a listing of activities that change database contents.
what is a recovery utility?
uses logs and/or backups to restore database when it is damaged or destroyed.
What is a data model?
rules and standards that define how database organizes data, defines how users view organization of data
What are four popular data models?
relational, object-oriented, object-relational, multidimensional
What is a relational database?
stores data
What is a relationship?
connection within data
What is strctured Query Language (SQL)?
allows you to manage, update and retrieve data, has special keywords and rules included in SQL statements.
What is an object-oriented database?
stores data in objects
What is a multidimensional database?
stores data in dimensions, allows users to analyze any view of data
What is a data warehouse?
huge database system that stores and manages data required to analyze historical and current transactions
What is a web database?
database you can access through the web by filling a form on a web page. Usually resides on a database server, a computer that stores and provides access to a database
What are computer communications?
process in which two or more computers or devices transfer data, instructions, and information
What is a sending device
— initiates instruction to transmit data, instructions, or information
What is a communications device?
connects the sending device to the communications channel, connects the communications channel to the receiving device
What is a communications channel?
media on which data, instructions, or information travel
What is a receiving device?
accepts transmission of data, instructions, or information
What are wireless access points and cyber cafes?
wireless internet access poiints allows wireless connection to internet in public location.
cyber cafe-coffee house that provides computers with internet access
What is global positioning system?
GPS satellites orbit Earth. Every thousandth of a second, each satellite sends a signal that indicates its current position to the GPS receiver.
STEP 2: GPS receiver determines its location on Earth by analyzing at least 3 separate satellite signals from the 24 satellites in orbit.
What are collaboration?
is working with other users connected to a server
What is groupware?
is software that allows ppl. to share information
What is voice mail?
is voice message converted to digital form
What are web services?
describe standardized software that enables programmers to create applications that communicate with other remote computers over the Internet or on an internal business network
What is a network?
Collection of computers and devices connected via communications devices and transmission media
What is a local area network? (LAN)
Network in limited geographical area such as home or office building
What is wireless lan?
Metropolitan area network (MAN) connects LANs in city or town
What is wide area network?
network that covers large geographic area using many types of media. Internet is world's largest WAN
What is a client/server network?
one or more computers act as a server and other computers, or clients access server.
What is a bus network?
all computers and devices connect to central, cable or bus.
ex. of network topology (layout of devices in network)
What is a ring network?
cables forms closed ring with all computers and devices arranged along ring. data travels from device to device around entire ring
What is a star network?
all devices connect to a central device, called hub
What is intranet?
Metropolitan area network (MAN) connects LANs in city or town
makes info accessible to employees, connection to internet typically
What are ethernet?
technology allows computers to contend for access to network
What is token ring?
technology controls access to network by requiring devices to pass a special signal, called token
What are TCP/IP and 802.11 (Wi-Fi)?
technology transmits data by breaking it up into small pieces or packets
802.11 (Wi-Fi) family and standards for wireless LANS
What is bluetooth?
short range radio waves transmit data between bluetooth devices
What is the public-switched telephone network? (PTSN)
world wide telephone system that handles voice-oriented telephone calls
What is IrDA?
specification allows data to be transferred wirelessly via infrared light waves
What is worldwide interoperability for microwave access (wiMAS or 802.16)
standard that specifies how wireless devices communicate over the air in a wide area
What is radio frequency identification (RFID)?
uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in an object
What is wireless applications protocols (WAP)?
\allow wireless mobile devices to access Internet
What is a dial-up line?
Temporary connection using telephone line for communications
What is a dedicated line?
always on connection btwn. two communication devices;
What is a dial-up modem?
Converts digital signals to analog signals and vice versa
Notebook computers often use PC Card modem
What are ISDN and DSL modems?
Communications devices that send and receive digital ISDN and DSL signals
Usually external devices in which one end connects to a telephone line and the other end connects to a port on the system unit
What is web services?
standardized software that enables programmers to create applications that communicate with other remote computers over the internet
What is collaboration?
working with other users connected to a server
What is groupware?
software that allows ppl. to share information