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Toxocara canis
Roundworm in dogs
Ancylostoma caninum
trichuris vulpis
capillaria aerophilia
lungworm in cats
dirofilaria immitis
taenia pisiformis
tapeworm in dogs and cats
ixodes dammini
deer tick
sarcoptes scabei
sarcoptic mange
ear mite
walking dandruff
scaley leg mites
parascaris equorum
roundworm in horses
habronema muscae
stomach worm in large animals
lungworm in large animals
haemonchus contortis
barber-pole worm (in large animals)
stephanurus dentatus
kidney worm in pigs
What's the prepatent period for rounds and hooks in puppies and kitties?
4 weeks for dogs, 8 weeks for cats.
Are puppies and kitties born with roundworms?
It's accepted that they are.
What do adult roundworms look like?
What do adult tapes looks like?
flat segmented worms, up to several meters in length.
What to tapeworm segments look like?
like grains of rice.
If your pet has Dipylidium what other parasite might they have?
What's the intermediate host for Dipylidium?
What are visceral larval migrans?
After ingesting larve, the larva will migrate to diff. organs (lungs/liver).
What are cutaneous larval migrans "creeping eruptions"?
Prutitic, red cutaneuous tunnels that are formed behind migrating hookworm larva.
How do you get cutaneous larval migrans?
From direct skin contact with infective hookworm larve in contaminated soil.
How can you avoid getting visceral or cutaneous larval migrans?
Wash hands and keep hand out of your mouth.
What does Pyrantel pamoate (Strongid T, Nemex) treat?
Rounds and hooks
What does Piperazine (Pipa tabs) treat?
What does Fenbendazole (Pancur) treat?
Rounds, hooks, whips, paragonimus, lungworm
What does Praziquantel (Dronzit) treat?
Cestodes, tapes
What does Metronidazole treat?
Are roundworms zoonotic?
Are hookworms zoonotic?
Are whipworms zoonotic?
Is giardia zoonotic?
Are deer ticks zoonotic?
Are ear mites zoonotic?
No, but there's a possibilitiy.
Is echinococcus granulosis zoonotic?
What's a parasite?
An organism that lives within, upon or at the expense of another organism. Parasite doesn't contribute to the survival of the host.
What's a definitive host?
It's where the sexually mature parasite is found.
What's an intermediate host?
Where the asexual stage of the parasite is supported, it is necessary for the parasites life cycle.
What's the paratenic host?
It acts as a carrier or transport host for parasite. Parasite lives on host & can be transmitted to another host.
What's the prepatent period?
The time in which the animal if first infected witht he parasite until it is diagnosed.
What's a direct life cycle?
The animal ingests the parasite directly.
What's an indirect life cycle?
There needs to be an intermediate host in order for the parasite to survive.
What is acariasis?
Infestation or disease caused by mites, cheylietella & sarcoptes.
What is pediculosis?
Infestation of lice.
What's a nematode?
A true roundworm (circular).
What's a cestode?
A segmented worm.
What's a trematode?
A flat unsegmented worm
What's a protozoan?
A one celled parasite?
Sucking louse
Biting louse.
What are the different flotation solutions?
Sugar, salt, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium nitrate
What float solution do you use for giardia?
Zinc sulfate.
What 6 things are described in a gross fecal exam?
Consistency, color, blood/mucous, parasites, odor, bone chips/hair
What are signs of heartworm disease?
Tires easily, soft cough, congestive heart failure, lethargy, loss of appetite, could be asymptomatic.
What drugs can you use to prevent heartworm?
Ivermectin (Heartgard), Milbemycin (Interceptor, Sentinal), Selamectin (Revolution)-all used monthly. Moxidectin(Prohart) can be used monthly or Q60 days.
Trade name for Ivermectin
Heartgard if used at a preventative.
Ivermec if used for the microfilaria.
Trade name for Milbemycin
Interceptor, Sentinal
Trade name for Moxidectin
Trade name for Selamectin
Why should you test an animal before starting preventative medicine?
They could have an adverse inflammatory reaction if positive.
Why do an antigen test or a concentration test?
Antigen test is specific & sensitive for adult HW, preventatives only kill the microfilaria - may get false negatives with the concentration tests.
What are some flea preventative?
Frontline, Advantage, Advantix
Which trimester are dormant roundworm larvae reactivated?
Which parasite can lead to sudden death of puppies due to blood loss before finding eggs in the stool?
Where are adult roundworms found?
Small intestine
Which parasite is transmitted through cutaneous penetration?
What's a problem with using an old fecal sample to detect parasite?
The eggs may be difficult to find.
Is Isospora (coccidia) zoonotic?
What's the prepatenet period for canine heartworm?
5-6 months
What's the intermediate host for Dirofilaria immitis?
Do cats with heartworm have large amounts of microfilaria?
No, usually only have one or two worms
Where are adult whipworms found?
Large intestine
What drug do you use to treat Giardia?
Metronidazole (Flagyl)
What's the most common flea that infests dogs and cats?
Ctenocephalides felis
What's the flea an intermediate host for?
Dipylidium caninum
Are fleas a species specific parasite?
How do you usually diagnose tapeworms?
See the adults in feces.
Which mite has large papal claws?
Which mite lives in tunnels in the skin?
Sarcoptes scabei
Which mite causes black dry debris in the ear canal?
Otodectes cynotis
Which tick is the vector for Lyme's Disease?
Ixodes dammini (deer tick)
What does Fenbendazole (Panacur) treat?
Ascarids, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms
What do sulfonamides treat?
Sulfadimethoxine (Albon)
What is an immiticide?
It kills the adult heartworms, an adulticide.
What does Fenbendazole (Panacur) treat?
Ascarids, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms
What do sulfonamides treat?
Sulfadimethoxine (Albon)
What is an immiticide?
It kills the adult heartworms, an adulticide.