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What are the 6 stages of grief?
Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Guilt, Depression, Resolution
What is active listening?
Encourage the speaker to speak, repeat what they're saying, make sure you're understanding correctly, understand their feelings also.
4 way to avoid not being an active listener.
Concentrate w/out distractions, avoid judging, don't assume you know what they're going to say, encourage feedback.
What are the 4 steps to conflict resolution?
Must be face to face, a mediated session, file a written grievance, have an open meeting w/ co-workers.
What should you do with an abusive client?
Remain calm, remove from waiting room, use active listening, don't argue, call 911 if necessary.
What's a clinic policy manual?
A written record of the clinics policies and how they handle situations.
Who legally owns the animal's medical record?
The Veterinarian clinic.
How long must medical records be kept by the practice?
5-7 years.
What are the goals of inventory control?
To make sure you have everything you need & to minimize the expense of keeping supplies in stock.
What are the key components of a good inventory system?
Good record keeping, inventory control cards, app. arrangement & storage of inventory, effective monitoring, smart purchasing.
What information should you gather before an interview at a clinic?
Job description, background on clinic, contact employee, Chamber of Commerce info, questions about the job.
What questions should you ask during the interview?
What are clients like, what's a typical day, what are their diff. policies, how are appt. scheduled?
Do you need to fulfill continuing education requirements to keep your vet tech cert?
Yes, in Minnesota.
What are the goals of taking a phone call from a client?
Help client w/ problem, find someone to help if you can't, book an appt (don't diagnose), try to sell the clinic.
Common sense phone skills
Conscious of voice, be courteous & prof, active listening, screen calls for dr., answer w/in 3 rings, don't put on hold over 90 s.
What information needs to be on a message?
Time, date, full name of owner, pet's name, phone#, summarize the call, signature.
What do you need to remember about a difficult client?
Client is always right, be patient, don't let them ramble, summarize, find out what they want, let them speat to someone else, move from reception.
What should you when in regards to euthanasia?
Schedule when less busy, collect fees & disposale of remains before, tissues, acknowledge clients feelings, send card after.
What should you include in a phone introduction?
Smile when you speak, use full name of hospital, use your name, a question that offers assistance.
What do you need to be conscious of with your voice?
Tone should be calm & pleasant, speed& volume should be moderate.
What do you do if you need to place a caller on hold?
Ask them if you may do so & wait for their reply, don't keep on hold over 90s -if longer ask to have someone call them back, thank them for holding.