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Artificial Intelligence
Programs that perform functions that mimic human behavior and or intelligence
Backup Archive-off-site
Copy of files that can be used in case the original is lost or damaged
Load the operating system
ex. Windows, Linux, etc.
A faster format of the internet
Computer Disc (Compact Disc)
Storage Device
Cold boot
Turn the machine on with a switch
Computer Virus
Self-replicating blocks code that can enter a computer system through the internet, disks, etc., that are generally designed to disrupt, damage, and/or destroy files and communications.
Keeps track of records; Gives you reports. Example: Microsoft Access
Desktop Publishing
Used to design and produce publications such as newsletters, manuals, forms, proposals, and flyers. Ex. Adobe, Pagemaker or Microsoft Publisher.
Recieving Information from a central location. ex. music, data, grades, etc.
Hard Drive
High capacity storage device; usually located in the processor
Electronic Mail (e-mail)
Communications among individuals including text messages and also allows the transmission of data, voice and images
Fire Wire
Used to Download pictures and/or videos but also requires a special card
Flash/thumb drive
A form of magnetic media that is used to store data and easily transported
Entering text or data into your computer system
Laser/inkjet-type printers
Use powdered or liquid ink. Good quality results
Retrieve or get a specific file
Log In
Code that is entered in order to get into your personal proflie
Telecommunications device; plugs into phone line or cable line, lets you communicate with others
Data or documents that have been processed and can be seen on the screen and/or can be printed
Software that is used to give presentations
The brains of the computer also called CPU
RAM (Random Access Memory)
Temporary computer memory; where you do you work. It is erased when the computer is turned off.
ROM (read only memory)
Permanent Memory; Runs self-test. Stores manufacturer's instructions.
Program or set of instructions for the hardware in order to accomplish a particualr application, ex. Microtype Pro
Program that works with numbers or financial informations ex. Microsoft Excel
Sending information to a central location. I.E. Grades to Guidance
USB Cable
Cable that allows information into the computer
Warm boot
Use CTRL, ALT, and DELETE to restart machine