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Compare the features available in Access to the features available in Excel.
-->provides natural tabular layout for easy data entry
-->provides natural tabular layout AWA ability to create customized data entry screens

-->limited to 65,000 records per sheet
-->stores any # of records up to 2GB

~Linked Tables~
-->manages single lists of info
-->allows links betw. lists of info to reduce data redundancy

-->limited to current spreadsheet arrangement of data
-->creates and saves multiple presentations of data

-->limited to file security options SA marking file “read-only” or protecting a range of cells
-->allows users to access only the records and
fields they need

~Multi-user Capabilities~
-->does not easily allow multiple users to simultaneously enter and update data
-->allows multiple users to simultaneously enter and update data

~Data Entry~
-->provides limited data entry screens
-->provides ability to create extensive data entry screens called forms
What Access object provides an easy-to-use data entry screen?
In Navigation mode, press [Tab] or what keystroke to move to the next field within the same record?
[Enter] or [-->]
What key/s will help you delete unwanted data in Edit mode?
[Backspace] or [Delete]
What keystroke combination inserts the data from the same field in the previous record into the current field?
While editing a record, what does pressing [Esc] once accomplish?
Undoes the change to the current field
Which editing keystrokes switches to Edit mode from Navigation mode?
What Help menu option analyzes a database for possible data corruption?
Detect and Repair
How many characters will a Memo data type field store?
up to 65,535 characters
Which data type should be used for a birthdate field?
What data type is used to sequentially order each record added to a table?
What does the descending and ascending sort buttons all perform?
Sort Ascending: sorts records based on the selected field in ascending order (0-9, A-Z)

Sort Descending: sorts records based on the selected field in descending order (Z-A, 9-0)
The wildcard character that stands for a single number digit is …?
Pound Sign (#)
What are operators and what functions do they serve in Access?
Comparison Operators: Characters SA > and < that allow you to find and filter data based on specific criteria.
Identify the following in

query selection process Criteria cells,
datasheet view,
field list,
and the design grid.
~Query: a database object that creates a datasheet of selected fields are records from one or more tables

~Criteria: rules or limiting conditions you set

~Datasheet View: a view that lists the records of the object in a datasheet

~Field List: a list of the available fields in the table or query that it represents

~Design Grid: (Query Design Grid) the bottom pane of the Query Design View window in which you specify the fields, sort order, and limiting criteria for the query
What control is used to display “yes” or “no” answers for a field?
Check Box: display “yes” or “no” answers for a field; if the box is checked, it means “yes”

Toggle Button: display “yes” or “no” answers for a field; if the button is pressed, it means “yes”
What control is used to provide consistent descriptive text as you navigate from record to record?
What control is used to display OLE data?
Bound Object Frame
What would you most likely use to display a Yes/No field on a form?
Check Box

After making modifications in Form Design View, click the … View button to view the form and enter data
Form View
Click the … button in Form Design View to open the properties sheet for the chosen control
Properties Button

Determine what would NOT be considered a graphic image when setting up a form?
examples of Graphic Images: pictures, logos, clip art

examples of Non-Graphic Images: (other)
What would be some common uses for an Access report?
used to create professional printouts. multiple fonts and colors, extra graphical elements SA clip art and lines, and multiple headers and footers. are also very powerful analysis tools. can calculate subtotals, averages, counts, or other statistics for groups of records
What control is most commonly placed in the Report Header section?
Label Controls
A text box control that contained a grand total for all records would most likely be found in what report section?
Report Footer
In what location/section of a report would the

page header,
grouper header,
and report header most likely be found?
Page Header: at the top of every page (but below the Report Header on pg. 1)

Group Header: before every group of records

Detail: once for every record

Report Header: at the top of the 1st page of the report
What is an expression, in Access, and where would you find it?
Expression: a combination of field names, operators (SA +, -, /, *) and functions that calculates a single value.

Access expressions start w/ an equal sign and are placed in a text box in either Form Design View or Report Design View.
The Group Header and Group Footer section can be turned on or off in which dialog box?
Sorting and Grouping dialog box

What program is an integrated desktop information management program?
Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
What are some of the things you would not send using e-mail?
Confidential or sensitive material

If your e-mail account is a company account, it’s a good idea to learn whether your company permits the sending of personal messages
What are some of the different ways to connect to the Internet?
If you have an Internet connection and communications software, you can connect your computer at home to the computers at your office. you can also sign up with an ISP (Internet service provider). You can connect to the Internet using a telephone line or other, faster technologies including satellite, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) cable, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), T1, or T3.
What are some of the benefits of using electronic mail?
~Provides a convenient and efficient way to communicate
~Allows you to send large amounts of information
~Lets you communicate with several people at once
~Ensures delivery of information
~Lets you communicate from a remote place
~Provides a record of communications
~Allows you to store information
When composing e-mail messages it is not appropriate to use all capital letters because this is the e-mail equivalent of …?
If you want to be notified when the recipient of your message has read the message you must click the …
[Request a read receipt for this message] check box
When composing e-mail, what do the following icons refer to: Bcc, Cc, To?
Bcc: (blind courtesy copy) is used when the sender does not want to reveal who he or she has sent courtesy copies to.

Cc: (courtesy copy) typically sent to message recipients who need to be aware of the correspondence between the sender and the recipients.

To: to whom you are sending the message
Where would the address of a recipient be placed in order to be hidden from other recipients?
Identify the following on the tool bar distribution list icon: send attachment icon and the address book icon.
~Attachment: a file, SA a Word document, graphic image, or Excel spreadsheet, that is sent w/ an e-mail message

~Address Book: a collection of usernames and e-mail addresses you can access to quickly address an e-mail message
Where can you edit the text of a presentation?
Text Placeholders, Outline Tab
Identify the following:

Standard Toolbar,
Menu Bar,
Formatting Toolbar,
and the Task Pane
~Standard Toolbar: the toolbar containing the buttons that perform some of the most commonly used commands such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Save, Open, and Print

~Menu Bar: the bar below the title bar that contains the names of menus, that when clicked, open menus from which you choose program commands. menu bars can change depending on the view

~Formatting Toolbar: a toolbar that contains buttons for frequently used formatting commands

~Task Pane: an area located on the right side of the screen in each program that lets you complete common tasks
What does the AutoContent Wizard do?
The quickest way to create a presentation. A wizard is a series of steps that guides you thru a task. Using the AutoContent Wizard, you choose a presentation type from the wizard’s list of sample presentations. Then you indicate what type of output you want. Next, you type the information for the title slide and the footer. The AutoContent Wizard then creates a presentation with sample text you can use as a guide to help formulate the major points of your presentation.
AutoContent Wizard: a wizard that helps you get a presentation started by supplying a sample outline and a design template
Which PowerPoint view has no view button?
Notes Page
To preserve the look of a presentation when it is opened on any computer, what should you do?
You can save, or embed, the fonts in your presentation. Click File on the menu bar, then click Save As. The Save As dialog box opens. Click Tools, click Save Options, then click the Embed TrueType Fonts check box in the Save Options dialog box. Click Ok to close the Save Options dialog box, then click Save.
Identify the following: the Outline Tab, Slides Tab, and the Title Bar.
~Outline Tab: the section in Normal View that displays your presentation text in the form of an outline, without graphics

~Slides Tab: the section in Normal View that displays the slides of your presentation as small thumbnails

~Title Bar: the bar at the top of the program window that indicates the program name and the name of the current file, web page, or open folder
Based on your knowledge of headers and footers, what are some of the things that would be appropriate footer text?
the slide number, the date, your name
In most cases, how many design templates would you apply to your presentation?
one template to an entire presentation
What are some of the common commands you can perform from the Formatting Toolbar?
font, font size, bold, italic, underline, shadow, align left, center, align right, numbering, bullets, increase font size, decrease font size, decrease indent, increase indent, font color, slide design, new slide
What can you find and replace in PowerPoint?
replacing text and attributes
Are you able to recolor a graphic object with the .tif file extension in PowerPoint?
Identify the difference between a

Data Series,
Data Label,
and a Data Series Marker in an embedded chart in PowerPoint.
~Data Series: each column and row of data in the datasheet

~Data Label: information that identifies the data in a column or row in a datasheet

~Data Series Marker: a graphical representation of a data series, such as a bar or column
Which axis does the Value axis represent?
Vertical Axis