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Which of the following is NOT typically found in a multimedia presentation?
Tactical feedback
JPEG files can store up to how many colors?
16.7 million
of the following is the native Microsoft Windows video file format?
In the U.S., yearly sales of computer games is about:
$6 billion
Which of the following is an example of a software suite?
Corel WordPerfect Office
A beta version of a program
is known to contain bugs.
Which of the following is NOT a criterion that a corporation should consider when upgrading personal productivity software such as Microsoft Office?
Has the corporation's network client software changed?
Which of the following software is NOT copyrighted software?
Public domain
Installing software on your computer includes:
configuring the software so it will work properly on your computer.
Before you can create documents with an application program,:
the program files need to be transferred from the hard disk to the computer's memory.
In which menu is the Exit command located?
An efficient, economical way for software companies to provide a service release to software license owners is to:
make the program release available through the Internet.
Which part of a Microsoft Office application window includes the status of the current document, such as a page number or edit mode?
Status bar
In Microsoft Excel, the range from cells A5 through R9 is designated as
Which type of Microsoft Access object would be useful if you needed to design an input screen through which a clerk might enter data?
Hardware performance:
refers to how fast the computer can perform the functions of input, processing, output, and storage.
In the binary numbering system, one binary digit is called a:
The most widely used character code is:
The hexadecimal numbering system is a system that:
uses the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through E to represent numbers.
What is the term used to define the main printed circuit board (PCB.) on which the major computer components are located
Which subcomponent of the CPU takes instructions from memory and decodes and executes the instructions?
Control unit
What is the name of the temporary microprocessor storage locations used by the control unit?
Which of the following uses a 128-bit word size?
Mac OS X
Which of the following companies does NOT make a microprocessor for IBM compatible computers?
Which of the following memory is NOT erased when the computer is turned off?
With respect to connectors and ports,:
connectors are frequently called ports even though a port is actually the interface for moving information into and out of the computer.
Parallel ports:
are typically used to connect a printer to your computer system.
What is the recommended minimum hard disk size for a computer using Windows XP and Microsoft Office?
10 GB
Another term for aperture grill is:
dot pitch.
Which of the following is NOT an expansion slot interface