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I am crazy for
Estoy loco por
I'm fanatic about
Soy fanatico de
I like
Me gusta
He/She likes
le gusta
It fascinates me/he/she
me/le fascina
I love
me encanta
I'm interested in
Me interesa
I care about
Me importa
As you wish
Como quieras
It doesn't matter to me
Me da igual
It doesn't matter to me
Me da lo mismo
It doesn't matter at all
No me importa para nada
I'm not interested in
No me interesa
It's shocking (unpleasant)
me choca
It bothers me
me molesta
I hate
I'm fed up with
Estoy harto/a de
It's fun
Es divertido/a
It's exciting
Es emocionante
It's unforgettable
Es inolvidable
Of course
Por supuesto
!Claro que si!
Of course not
!Claro que no!
Why not?
¿Como no?