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Who commands the operating forces of the Navy?
The CNO, under the direction of the SECNAV
Who is responsible for the disciplined used of resources and the operating efficiency of all command and activities under his command.
Who coordinates weith the Office of the CNO, COMNAVAIRSYSCOM, COMNAVSEASYSCOM, COMSPAWARSYSCOM and other Navy support activities.
The CMC (Commandant of the Marine Corp)
Where can you find command relationships and exercise of command and support responsibilities for Navy and Marine Corps?
What authority is responsible for the maintenance and material condition of aeronautical equipment ass to their cognizance for the operation and support of the naval aviation mission.
The ACC (Aircraft Controlling Custodian)
What does the acronym COMMARFORLANT/PAC stand for and who they provide support to?
Commander, Marine Forces Atlantic/Pacific and they provide support to COMNAVAIRFOR
Commanders are disignated by what authority for coordinating maintenance performed by squadrons under their authority?
The ACCs
Give and example of Operational commanders.
Carrier air wing commanders
Give and example of Administrative commanders
Type Wing Commanders
What are some of the factors impacting material readiness?
Aircraft CM (Configuration Management), OPTAR (OPERATING TARGET) procedures , personnel training, a/c material condition, IMRL management and other special programs.
What authority is responsible for Material support of operational units?
Who is responsible for providing augmentation personnel to IMAs?
The squadron
Who provides material in support of operation and maintenance of aeronautical equipment?
COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command)
Who is responsible for research, design, development, test, acquisition and logistics support of all procurement relating to Navy and Marine Corps a/c?
COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command)
Who provides technical direction in matters concerning naval a/c, missile targets, and associated material, except as directed by CNO?
COMNAVSUPSYSCOM (Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command)