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What occurs when a person denies or minimizes problems that could lead to overt conflict?
Neglect Response.
What are interactions in which the real conflicts are hidden or denied and a counterfeit excuse is created for arguments or put-downs?
What is agression that is denied or disguised by the aggressor?
Passive Aggression.
What is staying committed to a relationship despite differences?
Loyalty Response.
What exists when people who depend on each other express different views, interests, or goals and perceive their views as incompatible or oppositional?
Interpersonal Conflict.
What is granting forgiveness or putting aside our own needs when there is no standard that says we should or must do so?
What involves leaving a relationship by physically walking out or psychologically withdrawing?
Exit Response.
What is noting that an issue that comes up in the course of conflict is important and should be discussed later?
What is when one person wins at the expense of the other?
Win-Lose Orientation.
What assumes that conflict results in disfavor for everyone?
Lose-Lose Orientation.
What assume that there are usually ways to resolve differences so that everyone gains?
Win-Win Orientations.
What is building a solution through negotiation and acceptance of parts of proposals?
What is an active, constructive strategy for dealing with conflict by talking about problems and trying to resolve them?
Voice Response.