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G.E. Hutchinson was responsible for 2 major things. What are they?
1. Defined the niche: a n-dimensional hypervolume w/in which dn/dt=0
2. "1.3 Rule": animal sps must differ in body size or morphology by some min. amount to coexist
R.H. MacArthur is responsible for many many things, list six.
1. Limitting similiarity (how different a sp wd hv to be)
2. Optimal foraging
3. Island Biogeography
4. r-k selection
5. Non-linear isoclines
6. Broken Stick model
MacArthur was bad at math, but he was still very successful, why?
1. Used simple, synthetic models
2. Used a modest amount of data
3. Corroborative approach (data presented as evidence in favor of hypothesis)
4. Competition paradigm
What are the 4 key points of MacArthurs Competition Paradignm?
1. Exponential growth is possible for all pops
2. Resources will always eventually become limited
3. Problem of coexistance was defined by #2
4. Equilibrium conditions (most pop exist under equilib)
What were the three main criticisms of MacArthurs Competition paradigm?
1. Mathematical complexity of models
2. Increased awareness of role of predation (not just competition)
3. Reality of variable field pops (thy vary greatly in size)
What was John Wiens rebuffe experiment to MacArthurs?
Used shrub steppe birds. He looked for comm. tt display Mac's hypothesis, but his data all disproved the paradigm: he found Non-equilib comm.
What was the rebuff to Wiens experiment?
The high-latitude and abiotic fluctuations caused the non-equilibrium and the populations was merely an exception to the paradigm
Peter Scale agreed with Wiens findings; what was his experiment?
Used coral reef fish; found that the coral reef pops were not in equilibrium and fluctuated greatly. Also, tr was no evidence of any previous long term equilib. So pops in the tropics are exceptions too apparently
What was the rebuff on Scales work? Also, what was Scales counter argument?
The area size was too small, as was teh population. Scale's back comment was that his scale size is were the pop's are competiting/interactiong!
What did Jared Diamond emphasize? What did he "de-emphasize"?
1. Community assembly work: importance of resource use, body size, sps interactions, niche-partitioning, diffuse competition (exploitation comp, not interference)
2. De-emphasis onaffects of area, distance, dispersal, habitate availability
What were Diamond's important ideas on structure of Communites?
1. Incidence function
2. Compatability Rules
3. Combination Rules