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What is the least and greatest leading response?
Introducing a new idea vs. silence
Responding with the phrase 'I hear you' is a __________?
minimal lead
Two things that would be appropriate at the beginning of counselor-client relationship
silence and paraphrasing
What do affective responses focus on?
the client's feelings
behavioral responses
focus on client's actions
cognitive responses
focus on client's thoughts.
What does empathy involve?
communicating a basic understanding of what the client is feeling and the experiences and behaviors underlying these feelings: in that it helps the counselor establish the relationship, gather important data, and clarify problems that the client is trying to identify
What 3 elements does empathy involve?
perceptiveness, know-how, and assertiveness
2 principle functions of counselor self-disclosure
modeling, and developing a new perspective/
Counselor self disclosure should be...
brief and focused, not add to the client's problems, and be used infrequently
Dyadic effect
reciprical self disclosure
According to Egan, what situations is immediacy best used in?
directionless relationship, where there is tension, where there is a question of trust, where there is a social distance in the relationship when client dependency, counter dependency, where there is attraction
3 basic kinds of immediacy
overall relationship immediacy, immediacy that focuses on a particular event in the session, self involving statements.