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healthy people
eliminate health disparities
documented first publication
nursing social policy statement
metaparadigms and concepts except
what not assumption
professonal nurses are responsible for the peoples life style practices
objective of health promotion
achieve an optimum level of wellness
gordon health patters
nutrition and metabolic
4 month baby to hospital somethin about maslow
physiological needs
unique to professional nursing care
pender model of health promotion
role of the nurse in health promtions are complex
empowering agent
best way to provide culturally competent healthcare is
involve client and family in involving plan of care
child climbing on shelf
put all medicines on the highest shelf in the kitchen
15 month old child what shots due
sprained ankle
apply ice to site intermittantly
nurse thats with inappropriate behavior
ask nurse if she has been drinking
teaching adult about healthy diet
make daily food choices
guiding priciples of ethics
justice, benefical, autonomy
child experiencing a disruption in develpment of self concept
child has an intimate relationship with a significant other
old and new bruises on a child
report to legal authorities
client with end stage renal failure
sit and allow client to verbalize feelings
erikson stages of ego integrity vs despair
have a good life but i feel ready to go when its time
normal fining in elderly
deposits of melanin
elderly client for signs of abuse
the client is completely dependent on family members for receiving food and medicine
care giver strain
gathering subjective and objective data from the caregiver and client
primary prevention cervical cancer
seek treatment promptly for infections of the cervix
testicular self exam
roll the testicle betweenthumb and forefinger
violence in family further instruction
abuse occures mostly in low income families
preventing prostate cancer would need further review
high fat diet will assist in preventing this type of cancer
nurse asked to go to high school to talk about sexually transmitted disease tell students
the use of condoms and avoid casual sex with multiple partners help prevent stds
anorexia nervosa
i exercise 3-4 hours every day to keep my slim figure
instruction on low fat diet
trukey breast, boiled rice, angel food cake
patient flow of idea
use of word that offer broad opening
sign from change mind
post tramatic stress disorder
had another horrible nightmare last night and went through the same trauma all over again
nurse stops nursing assistant
if cna speaking directly in impaired ear
depression (risk for suicide)
client has plan to kill self
if you dont put up side rails
legal guide for nursing
state nursing practice act
new mom no family
how family handles crisis
self concept
anemia include which food
managed care and helath care reform
treating illness
helath maintenance organization
standard ovation
non verbal communication
american nurses association (ana)has seven quality
client mortality rate
erikson, develpmental state trust vs mistrust
having the mother consistently meeting the infants needs
smoking cessation not
assuring client the confidentiality
obese client
a history of periodic weight loss and gain
psychoneuroimmunology 3 major areas
effect of medication on stress
encourage foods high calicum and supplements
a client eats foods in moderate amounts is best
to lose weight
primary prevention
say no to drugs on tv or radio
seconary need for futher assessment
teach stroke client how to use cane
carb and starches can make aperson gain weight
limit to less than 6 serving per day
violation of right
if you take picture without consent
20 yr old
how person feels having to walk with cane for 4 months
need futher instruction
dont coad pacifer with honey
16 year old need intervention
i dont eat anything with fat in it ive lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks
wear glasses instead of soft contacts
52 year old basement
cracked asbestor lining basement pipes
client at risk for aids
have elisa test for antibodies
needle exchange program
clean needles are exchanged for dirty needles
initial positive elisa
confirm elisa with western blot test
nurse respects a client choice not to know pareticular information
using confrontation with co workers
should slove my problems at work quickly
osteporosis at risk
65 yr old that smokes cigarettes
no question
52 yr old exercise
plan a gradual exercise program
hep b
1-2months of age then 4 months after intial dose talking about hep b vaccine
no question
talking about hepatitis vaccine
care of child from culture
ask questions about the culture and explain to the family why questions are being asked
tool that depicts family relationships
obese man additional teaching
this diet doesnt let me go out to lunch with my friend at work anymore
has a child ever receive full bladder control
medication addiction
explain that addiction rarely occurs
care giver role strain
30 yr old male bus driver living with mother dx with alzheimers
apply aroma therapy to skin
dont apply aromatherapy oil directly to skin
go to bed asap after end of morning shift
dont massage abdomen of 3 year old
teach that clothes might hide face
dx feeling
listening to clients about how they feeel about diagnosis
6 yr old about injection
yes it will hurt but you will stay with them