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What are two reasons communities have laws?
To keep people safe and to help make things fair
What is a "service"?
A service is something people do that other people need or want.
People need food, clothing, and shelter. What are "wants"?
Wants are things you would like to have, but you don't need these things to live.
What are three things people need?
shelter, food, and clothing
What is a natural resource?
A natural resource is something that is found in nature that people need and use.
Why do communities rely on one another?
Few communities make all the things they need and want. They count on other communities to get the goods and/or services they need or want.
Name three natural resources.
Example: Water, oil, trees and good soil
What are three kinds of communites?
rural, urban, and suburbs
What is a factory?
A building were things are made.
What is a warehouse?
A place where goods are stored.
In an urban area, the land is mainly used for ---.
Why do people work?
To pay for their needs and wants.
A producer is someone who ---.
makes things
List three service type jobs.
doctor, teachers, and auto mechanics
Many laws protect people's
--- and ---.
health and safety
Name three things that can shape a community.
1. Climate and weather
2. Natural Resources
3. Landforms
When you buy something you -- are a ---.
What is a community?
A community is a place where people live, work, and play.
Why are there very tall buildings in large cities?
There just isn't enough room for everyone to have a house, or one story buildings. More people can get into the same land space if you build up.
What is the difference between weather and climate?
Weather is how hot or cold and how wet or dry it is. Climate is what the weather has been like year after year.
In a rural area, the land is mainly used for ---.
What is the government?
The government includes the leaders who make choices and rules for a community.
Why do people live in communities?
People live in communities so they can help one another. A person living in a community does not have to do everything for themselves, they can rely on other people for goods and services.
What are the three parts of the government?
The lawmakers, The leaders, and the people who enforce the laws (judge).
How do government leaders get their jobs?
They are elected by people who live in the community.
What are landforms?
Landforms are the shapes of the land.
Define an urban area.
A large city is an urban area.
What are "goods"?
Things made by people which are then sold.
Give three examples of landforms.
mountains, plains and valleys
A community's rules are called ---.
The payment that workers pay to a community is a ---.
What are two services provided by communities are
schools and firefighting
Workers use their money for
---, ---, and ----.
needs, wants and taxes
What is a name given to the number of people in a group?
Define transportation.
Transporation is how people or things get from place to place.
Define a rural area.
Rural areas are in the country. They are not cities.
What are public places?
Places that are shared by the community.
What is a surburb?
A suburb is a community near a big city. Some suburbs can be cities themselves. But suburbs are always near a larger city.
Name two public places.
schools, libraries, parks