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What does SOI stand for?
Signal Operation Instructions
What does the SOI provide?
The SOI provides an organized breakdown of all stations on a net, it assigns call signs and primary and alternate frequencies, and establishes security procedures for radio operators.
What Field Manual covers Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques?
FM 24-18
What percent of slack should you allow when laying WD1 wire?
20 percent
Which means of communication is least secure?

Which means of communication is most secure?
Radio, least secure

Messenger, most secure
What are five methods of communication?
1. Radio
2. Sound
3. Visual
4. Messenger
5. Wire
What is COMSEC?
COMmunications SECurity
What is OPSEC?
OPerations SECurity
What does MIJI stand for?
Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Interference
What do the letters AN and PRC stand for?
Army/Navy and Portable Radio Communicator
What does SINCGARS stand for?
SINgle Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System
What does EPLRS Stand for?
Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
What AR covers security?
AR 380-5
What are 3 security classifications used to protect material against disclosure?
1. Top secret
2. Secret
3. Confidential
How is Top Secret material destroyed?
Burning or pulping
How many overall security classifications can a document have?
What does the word SAEDA mean?
Subversion And Espionage Directed against the Army
Can a person with a Secret clearance be denied access to any secret material?
Yes, access is granted on a need to know basis
What are the 5 S's that apply to POWs?
1. Search
2. Segregate
3. Silence
4. Speed
5. Safeguard
What does SALUTE mean?
Size, Activity, Location, Uniform, Time, Equipment