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What is SSIXS?
Submarine Satellite Information Exchange
This is a narrowband
uhf subsystem that links voice communications
between ships and connects with wide-area shore voice networks.
Secure Voice Subsystem
This subsystem is specifically designed for
special intelligence communications
Tactical Intelligence Subsystem (TACINTEL).
This is a one-way broadcast of
tactical information from command centers ashore to afloat units primarily in support of over-the-horizon targeting (OTH-T).
Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem (TADIXS)
This subsystem continues to provide inter-and intrabattle
group communications and is now also designated as the return path for ship-to-shore
OTH-T communications.
Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange Subsystem (OTCIXS).
This subsystem was designed to
multiplex several subsystems, or users, on one satellite channel, allowing more satellite circuits to use a single uhf satellite channel.
Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA)
Four Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master
Stations (NCTAMS) have primary responsibility for
naval communications via satellite. They are:
NCTAMS LANT, Norfolk, Virginia
NCTAMS MED, Naples, Italy
NCTAMS WESTPAC, Finegayan, Guam
NCTAMS EASTPAC, Wahiawa, Hawaii
provides connectivity between NCTAMS EASTPAC and NCTAMS LANT?
Naval Computer and Telecommunications
Station (NCTS), San Diego, California
What is the purpose of baseband equipment?
used to collect and
control the transmitted or received communications.
What is the purpose of the rf terminal?
used by the baseband system to
transmit and receive via satellite link.
Fleet Satellite Broadcast Subsystem
provides the capability to transmit Fleet Broadcast
message traffic in a high-level jamming environment.
The subsystem has how many subchannels of encrypted message traffic at an input data rate of what bps per channel?
15 sub channels
75 bps
The shore terminal transmits this data on a direct-sequence, spreadspectrum
what signal to the satellite, where the signal is translated to what and down-linked to the subscriber.
The Fleet Satellite Broadcast message traffic is queued and/or channel selected by two processor controlled message switching systems before transmission. These systems are?
Naval Communications
Processing and Routing System
For general service message
For special intelligence
message traffic.