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This switchboard
contains 10 seven-position switches. Each
switch corresponds to a remote control station and
each switch position (1 through 5) represents a receiver
receiver switchboard
One station transmits to the satellite on the
frequency. The satellite translates the signal to
the frequency, amplifies the signal, then
transmits it to the receiving terminal.
SATCOM links are part of what system?
Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS)
and Fleet Satellite Communications
Unique advantages SATCOM has over conventional long-distance communications are?
1. unaffected by the propagation problems from the high attenuation problems of facilities that use wire or cable for routing comms.
3. Span long distances
4. Numerous repeater stations required for LOS and troposcatter systems are not
SATCOM reliability is based on what?
skill of operators and maintenance personnel and the
condition of the satellite communications equipment.
How is SATCOM better for vulerability?
1. difficult and expensive tp destroy satellites.
2. provide a high degree of freedom from jamming.
What is the major limitations of Satellite communications?
1. technical characteristics of the satellite and its
orbital parameters.
2. transmitter power and
receiver sensitivity
What happens when users who increase their output power
to the satellite?
the satellite to try to retransmit at the new power level, at the expense of reducing signals to other users.
FLTSATCOM System provides communications worldwide coverage between what latitudes?
70 degrees N & 70 degrees S
Three satellites are currently in use, what are they? Fourth one coming online soon?

UHF Follow-on (UFO)
Navy SATCOM system consists of
information exchange subsystems that use the
satellites as what 2 reasons?
(1) relays for communications and control.
(2) quality monitoring subsystems that provide
data required to manage satellite resources
This is an expansion of the “Fleet Broadcast,” which has been the central communications medium for
operating naval units.
Fleet Satellite Broadcast Subsystem
What is CUDIXS?
Common User Digital Information Exchange
What is NAVMACS?
Navy Modular Automated Communications Subsystem
CUDIX and NAVMACS are two installations that form a
communications network for transmitting what?
general-service message traffic between ships
and shore installations