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Occurs when a transmitted electromagnetic wave passes through the receiver antenna and induces a voltage in the antenna.
Is the ability to distinguish a particular station’s frequency from all other station frequencies
appearing at the antenna
Is the extraction of the modulation from
an rf signal
is the action of converting the electrical signals to sound waves that can be interpreted by
the ear.
Is a measure of receiver’s ability to reproduce
very weak signals.
Usually, sensitivity is specified as the signal
strength in?
microvolts necessary to cause a S/N ratio of 10 decibels, or 3.16:1
What is the limiting
factor on the minimum usable signal that the receiver
can process and still produce a usable output?
What is the ability of a receiver to distinguish
between a signal at the desired frequency and signals at adjacent frequencies
How do you measure selectivity?
The steepness of the curve at the tuned frequency indicates the selectivity of the receiver.
What is a receiver’s ability to reproduce the input
signal accurately.
Good requires a narrow bandpass.
Good requires a wider bandpass to amplify the outermost frequencies of the sidebands
A loss or gain of 3 dB always
a halving or doubling of the output power
The primary advantages of using a transceiver
rather than a separate transmitter and receiver is?
cost and can be tuned more easily than separate units
Disadvantage of using a transceiver is that?
duplex operation is not possible with most transceivers.
communication must sometimes be carried out on 2 different frequencies
The transmitter transfer switchboard allows the remote
control station functions and signals to be transferred
selectively to how many transmitters.
10 remote control station
functions and signals to be transferred selectively
to any one of six transmitters