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What is the difference between Phase Shift Keying and Freq Shift Keying?
FSK the carrier frequency changes by a predetermined amount called the mark frequency Phase-shift keying is similar to FSK except that the phase, not the frequency, is shifted.
What is the primary advantage
of PSK?
can be accomplished in an amplifier stage.
What type of Modulation is suited for use with communications systems incorporating time-division mutiplexing.
Pulse Modulation
What are the two advantages of CW communications?
1. narrow bandwidth (requires less power out)
2. clarity (under high noise conditions)
What is the major disadvantages of CW communications?
Must be turned on and
off at specific intervals to produce Morse code keying. and method is very slow.
In an AM transmitter, converts the audio frequency input to electrical energy.
In an AM transmitter, amplify the audio signal to the level required to modulate the
carrier fully
driver and modulator
In an AM transmitter, combines the rf carrier and the modulating signal to produce the AM signal for transmission.
power amplifier
In an FM transmitter, transmitter oscillator is maintained at a constant frequency by?
quartz crystal
The frequency of the carrier shifts according to audio signal variations by what in the FM transmitter?
carrier phase-shift network
The amount of variation from the carrier frequency depends
magnitude of the modulating signal
The rate of variations in carrier frequency depends
frequency of the modulating signal
FM transmitter is better than an AM transmitter for communications purposes because?
FM is less affected by static and other types of interference
What type of transmitter is the carrier is eliminated and the sideband frequencies produced by the carrier are reduced to a minimum.
What are advantages of SSB?
narrower receiver
bandpass and the ability to place more signals in a small portion of the frequency spectrum