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Seven characteristics of nonverbal communication
1. ambiguous and must be viewed in context.
2. continuous
3. multi-channeled
4. highly believable
5. usually unconscious
6. primarily relational
7. may be culture-bound or cross-cultural
Functions of nonverbal behavior
1. May supplement words (accent, repeat, etc)
2. May modify your words (contradict)
3. May regulate flow of verbal interaction
4. may take the place of words (substitution)
Body motion is also known as...
kinesic behavior
Kinesic behavior has what two functions?
1. indicated attitude
2. conveys feeling
Types of body motion
1. eye contact
2. facial expressions
3. gestures
4. posture
Uses of body motion
Affect displays
what are emblems of body motion?
body motions or gestures that supplement or replace words

i.e. shrug shoulders, thumbs up
What are illustrators of body motion?
movements or gestures which accent or emphasize

i.e. pound the table, point at something
What are affect displays of body motion?
expression of pronounced physical sensations

have cultural specificity
What are regulators of body motion?
cues that are meant to control the flow of communication

i.e. raise eyebrows in disbelief
What are adaptors of body motion?
efforts to satisfy personal needs as people relate to each other

not intuitive, arise from perceptives i.e. duplicate breathing pattern to adapt to each other
Another name for vocalics
What is paralanguage?
vocal components of speech apart from the verbal content
What are the examples of paralanguage?
pitch, quality, rate or tempo, volume, rhythm
What are the two components of quality?
resonance and articulation
Function of metamessages
to say covertly what you're afraid to say directly

beat around the bush, source of interpersonal conflict
Verbal modifiers of metamessages
add nuances to meaning i.e. "I'm JUST trying to help"
Rhythm and pitch in metamessages
emphasis controls meaning, if no emphasis then no metamessage
What are the two ways to cope with metamessages?
awareness and response
What are the 3 aspects he listed under self-presentation?
1. clothing and other artifactual communication
2. touch
3. chronemics
Another word for touch
how we structure and use time
What are the aspects of communication through management of personal environment?
1. space
2. temperature, lighting and color
Communication through management of space occurs through...
1. territorality
2. management of informal space (proxemics)
3. cultural considerations
Intimate distance
touch - 18'', sign of trust, without consent you are invading someone's trust
Personal distance
18'' - 4'
Social distance
4' - 12' ; business meeting
Public distance
12'-25'; for politicians and celebrities
fearful people show what body language?
frozen with terror
angry people show what body language?
tremble with rage
belligerent people show what body language?
bare their teeth
reserved people show what body language?
seem standoffish
confident people show what body language?
swollen with pride
determined people show what body language?
grit their teeth
control people show what body language?
keep a stiff upper lip
shameful people show what body language?
flush with embarrassment