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Analog to digital converter
branch of electronics that relies upon representation of signals as analogs or models of waveforms
Anti-aliasing filter
Removes frequencies higher than the capability of the digital system. Failure to filter high frequency components reduces accuracy of digitizing of analog signals and increases distortion
Numbers of the base two, that is 0 and 1
Digital binary digit
Digital to Analog converter
branch of electronics based upon representation of waveforms as binary numbers
Practice of shuffling the order of samples prior to recording so that if several adjacent samples of the recording are damaged, they will not be in consecutive order on playback and data correction using estimates of missing values will be more accurate
Nyquist frequency
The minimum sampling frequency allowable for a given bandwidth. Generally twice the highest frequency to be recorded
A technique used to improve effectiveness of low-pass output filters by raising the sampling frequency artificially. Accomplished by interpolation of new estimated values based upon sampled values
recording or transmission of digital data one word at a time through a set of parallel paths
parity check
a value derived from the sum of numbers contained in a block of data. used to detect data errors
recording or transmission of digital data one bit at a time
Instantaneous voltage measurements. collected by digital systems at regular short intervals
a block of binary data of fixed length. for instance, 8 or 16 bits
positive terminal of a vacuum tube (plate)
negative terminal of a vacuum tube
cathode ray tube (CRT)
a vacuum tube in which an electron beam traces an image on a luminescent phosphor screen
control grid
active element of a vacuum tube controls the number of electrons moving from the cathode. usually element through which an input signal is applied
in a CRT, the assembly that forms and controls its electron beam, consisting of the cathode, grid and anodes
a layer of luminescent material applied to the inner face of a CRT screen
screen grid
active element of a vacuum tube having four or more active elements. screen grid is immediately outside the control grid. improves the efficiency of the device as compared with the triode
thermionic emission
occurs when a conductor is heated to incandescence in a vacuum and electrons are thrown off
vacuum tube having four active elements, i.e., cathode, control grid, screen grid, and plate
vacuum tube having three active elements, i.e., cathode, grid, aand plate
vacuum tube
a thermionic device in which active elements are placed in a vacuum envelope
deflection coils used to aim electron beams