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A rhetorical structure that recognizes tht structure is negotiable, varieable, and not static; the appreciates improvisation
A Set of Principle Concepts
What a critic borrows from a theory to help explain some kind of experience
Cookie-Cutter Criticism
Occurs when an analyst aplies the concepts and categories of a theory rigidly and uncritically
A rhetorical structure that maintains itself through hierarchy, prediction, and control
The pleasure obtained from openly looking at an object that is "satisfying in itself"
Occurs when people see that they are like other people, that their intraests are joined
The reduction of something complex to a more manageable sign of that complex thing
The pleasuer derived by looking at a representation of the human body, or parts of it, and identifying with it
Is the strategy of textualization or narritive
Racial Marking
Can be accomplished through references to address, sections of the city, or by names the are ethnically identifiable
The term used by film/cinema/TV scholars to describe pleasurable looking
The technical names for the basic theory of visual pleasures
A strategy that minimizes the paradoxes of identification and action by constructing images that move toward smaller, and more differentiated categories; that move from reduction toward representation
A generalized statement about the patterns in experience; offers a description of how texts work and why they came to be
Deriving pleasure from looking at something illicitly, without being invited to look and without being noticed
What is the paradox of the identification as far as morale choices go?
To the extent that one can identify with another, can enable/discourage moral choices
What is the paradox of action as it relates to one's personal involvement in public issues?
The paradox is that such involovment may proceed in ignorance of the broader forces that have caused the problems
Identify and explain on of the two ways of minimizing the paradoxes of identification and action.
1. An awareness of our implication in them could preserve a useful tension between out own action and our social awareness, could lead to personal actions designed to help them, and us
2. Move from metonomy to synecdoche
According to Brummet, how do the technological characteristics of how sports are televised contribute to the fetishtic look?
The succesion of glances unify into a gaze by the devices of the replay, close up, and slow motion coverage
According to Brummet how does discourse contribute to voyeristic pleasure in sports telecasts?
When the discourse stops suddenly because of an injury, violence, grief, accident, in that moment the possibilty uninvited watching is realized
What does Brummet mean when he says that shopping malls have political implications
When malls turn people into shoppers, it perpetuates the capitalis system, itself. (Materialism etc.)
Briefly explain Eurocentricity and Afrocentricity differ
Eurocentricity based upon heararchial and power and discourse that aims to gain control
Afrocentricity recognizes that rhetorical structures or varieable not static structure is negotiable
What does an Afroncentric reading of "Do The Right Thing" according to Brummet, see as a major source of the problems of racial oppression
Eurocentric assumptions about communication
WHat is the notion of harmony nd unity the first and most crucial principle of Afrocentric rhetoric?
Because it prevades all other pars of the communication process, callers, responders, nomm, and spiritual agents
From an Afrocentric perspective, what to do the characters are the the action in "Do The Right Thing" show?
Show how communal harminy and unity resist the Eurocentruc hierarchal power that requires structure and control, lacks a communal spirit
Fiske, Hall, Stuart, Marx
Media Centered
Snow, Altheide
Culture Centered
Gates, Asante, Daniels, Smitherman
Freud, Lacan
Dramatisic/Narritive description
1. Symbols
2. Eguipment for living
3. Motives
4. Genres
5. Heirarchy
6. Transcendence
7. Victimage
8. Agent
9. Scene
10. Purpose
Media Centered description
1. Media
2. Medium
3. Media logic
4. Realism
8. Intimacy
9. Metonomy
Marxist description
1. Materialism
2. Idealology
3. Class
4. Oppression
5. Power
6. Preffered Readings
8. Hegemony
9. Inflections
Owns and operates the pizzeria, Mad about Wall of Fame comment by Buggin' Out's
A blatant racist who idolizes a few token celebs like Prince and Eddie Murphy; Sal's older son
Sal's younget son; is friends with Mookie
White yuppie who steps on Buggin Out's shoes
During the fire hydrant scene, a man in a car who is not allowed to pass without getting wet
Is the agent for the community message; is the force behind the film's title and theme Do the Right Thing; incites a riot with a riot with a garbage can; is irresponsible as a father and boyfriend; works as a pizza delivery boy
Buggin' Out
The self-styled political spokesperson who challenges the Eurocentric hierarchy when he demands the inclusion of Afro Americans on the pizzeria Wall of Fame; the most notorious caller in the film, the community instigator whose goal is to awaken people to the hierarchy that oppresses them