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2 interval/ratio variables
2 ordinal variables
Factorial Anova
2 indep nominal variables, 1 interval/ratio
One-Way Anova
1 nominal variable, 1 interval/ratio
3 categories or more
1 nominal variable, 1 interval/ratio
2 categories
1 nominal (2 categories), other ordinal
Chi Square
1 nominal or 2 nominal variables
How to clean data
Analyze, look at valid rows
How to recode
Transform, Recode, put in new values
How to run reliability
Analyze, scale, reliability analysis
Likert scales, cronbach's alpha .7 or above
Cronbach's Alpha
.7 or above, measures reliability
How to create new variable
Transform, Compute
Clean, reliability, recode, compute
How to run Indep T-test
Analyze, compare means, indep
Equal variances assumed .05 or below
How to run One Sample T-test
Analyze, compare means, one sample
test value of what to compare to (nat'l)
How to run Paired T-test
Analyze, compare means, paired
How to run Pearson
Analyze, correlate, bivariate
add 2 tailed, look at sig. .05 or below
How to run One-Way Anova
Analyze, compare means, one way
if sig run post-hoc
How to run Post-Hoc
Analyze, compare means, one way
check post hoc, tukey
How to run one sample Chi Square
Analyze, nonparametric, chi square
How to run 2 sample Chi Square
Analyze, descriptives, crosstabs, stats
look at pearson chi Asymp Sig.
How to run Spearman
similar to pearson but check correlation but with ordinal
How to run Mann-Whitney
similar to t-test but dep is ordinal
analyze, non para, 2 indep, check mann
How to run Select Cases
Data, select cases, "if condition"
run Chi Square
How to run Factorial Anova
Analyze, general linear model, univariate
How to run Agression
analyze, regression, linear
R= correlation (btwn 1 and -1)
sig=shows null hypothesis (chi square)