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ferver and hyperthermia:
essential inquiries
1. localizing symptoms
2. weight loss
3. join pain
4. intravenous substance use
5. immunosuppression or neutropenia
6. hx of cancer
7. medications
8. travel
what is the average normal oral body temp taken in mid-morning?
36.7 C
(range 36-37.4 c)
fever is a regulated rise to a new set point of body temp

describe cytokine-induced fever
fever is a regulated rise to a new set point of body temp

*stimulit act on appropriate monocyte-macrophages
*these cells elaborate pyrogenic cytokines (IL-1, TNF, interferon-gamma, IL-6)
*causing elevation of the set point through effects in the hypothalamus
in the presence of which drugs might you seen neuroleptic malignant syndrome?
major tranquilizers:
1. haloperidol
2. fluphenazine
where do you see specific fever patterns?
1. relapsing fever of malaria
2. borreliosis
3. occasional cases of lymphoma--esp. Hodgkin's disease
markedly elevated body temps can result in which profound metabolic disturbances?
1. anencephaly during the tirst trimester of pregnancy
2. increased insulin requirements
3. altered drug metabolism and disposition
define FUO
1. unesplained cases of fever exceeding 38.3 c
2. on several occasions
3. for at least 3 weeks
4. in pts without neutropenia or immunosuppression