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Down/below, downstairs
face down/up
boca abajo/arriba
down/up the street
calle abajo/arriba
lawyer, attorney (n)
el/la abogado (s)
law (n)
la abogacia (s)
to hate/detest (v),
to abhor (v)
aborrecer (v)
hate/hatred (n),
abhorrence (n)
el aborrecimiento (s)
hated/abhorred (adj)
aborrecido/a (adj)
to embrace/hug (n)
abrazar (v)
to embrace/hug (v)
abrazar (v)
embrace/hug (n)
el abrazo (s)
hugged/embraced (adj)
abrazado/a (adj)
overcoat (n),
shelter (n)
el abrigo (s)
to shelter (v),
to protect (v)
abrigar (v)
sheltered/protected (adj)
abrigado/a (adj)
to open (v)
abrir (v)
open/opened (adj)
abierto/a (adj)
opening (n)
la abertura (n)
to bore (v)
to get bored/become bored (v)
aburrir(se) (v)
boredom (n)
el aburrimeinto (s)
bored/boring (adj)
aburrido/a (adj)
to abuse/misuse (v)
abusar (v)
abuse/injustice (n)
el abuso (s)
abusive/wrongly used (adj)
abusivo/a (adj)
to finish/end (v),
to be over/finished (v)
finished (adj)
acabado/a (adj)
to have just + pp., (ph)
acabar de + inf., (f)
perhaps/maybe (adv),
by chance (adj)
acaso (adv)
just in case (ph)
por si acaso (f)
oil (n)
el aceite (s)
oily (adj)
aceitoso/a (adj)
olive (n)
la aceituna (s)
sidewalk (n)
la acera (s)
about/concerning (prep)
acerca de (prep)
to bring/draw near (v),
to approach (v)
acercar(se) (v)
near/close (adj)
cerca de (prep)
approach (n)
el acercamiento (s)
to guess/figure out (v)
acertar (ie) (v)
success (n),
ability/skill (n)
el acierto (s)
skillfull (adj)
acertado/a (adj)
to accompany/go with (v)
companion/friend (n)
el/la compañero/a (s)
accompaniment (n)
el acompañamiento (s)
to decide (v),
to remember (v)
acordar(se) (v)
agreement (n)
el acuerdo (s)
to lay down/put to bed (v),
to lie down/go to bed (v)
lying down/leaning (adj)
acostado/a (adj)
to act/perform (v)
actuar (v)
act (n)
el acto (s)
actor (n)
el actor (s)
la actriz (s)
to come/go(to the aid of) (v)
to attend (v)
acudir (v)
to adapt/adjust (v)
adaptar(se) (v)
adjustment (n)
la adaptación (s)
adapted (adj)
adaptado/a (adj)
to advance (v),
to move/go ahead (v)
ahead/forward (adv)
adelante (adv)
from now on (ph)
de hoy en adelante (f)
come in!
besides/moreover (adv)
además (adv)
in addition to (prep)
ademas de (prep)
within/inside (adv)
adentro (adv)
inland (adj)
tierra adentro (f)
to guess (v)
adivinar (v)
riddle (n)
la adivinanza (s)
fortune teller (n)
el adivino
la adivina (adj)
to aquire/attain (v)
adquirir (ie)(v)
acquisition (n)
attainment (n)
la adquisición (s)
acquired (adj)
adquirido/a (adj)
to warn/notify (v),
to caution (v)
advertir (ie) (v)
affection/fondness (n)
el afecto (s)
affectionate (adj)
afectuoso/a (adj)
to shave (v)
afeitar(se) (v)
shave (n)
la afeitada (n)
shaved (adj)
afeitado/a (adj)
outside (adv)
afuera (adv)
outskirts (n)
las afueras (f)
agreeable/pleasant (adj)
agradable (adj)
to please/be pleased (v)
agradar(se) (v)
to thank/be grateful for (v)
agradecer (v)
gratitude (n)
el agradecimiento (s)
thankful/grateful (adj)
agradecido/a (adj)
thanks (ph)
la gracias (f)
to endure/resist (v)
aguantar (v)
endurance (n),
resistance (n)
el aguante (s)
hole (n)
el agujero (s)
to pierce/perforate (v)
agujerar (v)
perforated/pierced (adj)
agujerado/a (adj)
to drown (v),
to choke/suffocate (v)
ahogar(se) (v)
suffocation (n)
el ahogo (s)
victim (n)
el ahogado,
la ahogada (s)