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acabar de ..<past part>
to have just ...<past part>
contar con;
eso no cuenta
A fin de cuentas ...
to rely on;
That doesn't count / matter.
To make a long story short ...
dar con
to find
dar en
to hit against
dar gritos
to shout
dar la bienvenida
to welcome
dar un paseo
to take a walk
darse cuenta de
to realize;
to understand
darse por
to consider oneself
es decir
that is to say
esta' bien
estar bien
to be well
estar mal
to be bad (ill)
estar a punto de + infinitive
to be about to;
(L. at the point of ..)
estar de acuerdo
to agree
estar de pie
to be standing
estar de vuelta
to have returned
estar por
to be in favor of
hace buen tiempo
the weather is good
hace mal tiempo
the weather is bad
hace fresco
it's cool
hace sol
it's sunny
hace viento
it's windy
hacer una broma
to make a joke
hacer el papel de
to play the role of
hacer una pregunta
to ask a question
hacer un viaje
to take a trip
hacerse dan~o
to harm oneself
intentar de
to attempt
llegar a ser
to become
poner en claro
to make clear
poner en duda
to question
poner en marcha
to set in motion
poner en ridiculo
to make fun of
ponerse de acuerdo
to reach an agreement
prestar atencio'n
to pay attention
querer decir
to mean
ser aficionado de
to be a fan of
ser de
to belong to (a place)
tener e'xito
to succeed
tener razo'n
to be right
tener cuidado
to be careful
tener que ver con
to have to do with
tener lugar
to take place
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener miedo
to be afraid
tener que + infinitive
to have to
tratar de + infinitive
to try to
valer la pena
to be worth it
por supuesto
echar len~a al fuego
to add fuel to the fire
de repente
all of a sudden
?En serio?
Are you serious?
por fin
at last
por lo menos
at least
ser buena gente
to be a great person
poder con
to be able to deal with
se nota que
to be able to tell that
ser una mula
to be mean
andar de boca en boca
to be on everyone's lips
estar en camino
to be on your way
sentirse mal
to be ill
Be quiet!
andarse con rodeos
beat around the bush
a propo'sito
by the way
al avento'n
terminar en
to end up
!Basta ya!
Enough already!
a mediados de
in the middle of
boca arriba
face up
boca abajo
face down
enamorarse de
to fall in love
tener ganas de
to feel like, to crave
sentir la'stima por
to feel sorry for
antes que nada
first of all
para siempre
for good
llevarse bien con (alguien)
to get along well with
levantarse con el pie izquierdo
to get up on the wrong side of the bed
dar una mano a
to give a hand to
volverse loco/a
to go crazy
mover cielo, mar y tierra
to go to great lengths
pasar bien
to have a good time
a la largo
in the long run
mientras tanto
in the meantime
menos mal
lo que faltaba
just what I needed
no ser para tanto
to not be a big deal
de vez en cuando
once in a while
llover sobre mojado
one thing after another
llover a ca'ntaros
to rain cats and dogs (buckets)