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to face
to look out upon
dar a
to embrace
dar un abrazo
to come upon
to run into
to find
dar con
to wind
dar cuerda (a)
to give a drink to (to feed)
dar de beber (comer) a
to strike against
to hit
dar en
to thank
dar las gracias (a)
to shout
dar gritos (voces)
to strike the hour
dar la hora
to take a walk
to go for a ride
dar un paseo
to consider
dar por + past participle
to give regards (to)
dar recuerdos (a)
to take a stroll
dar una vuelta
to realize
darse cuenta de
to shake hands
darse la mano
to hurry
darse prisa
to have just
acabar de + infinitive
to end by
to finally
acabar por + infinitive
to drop
dejar caer
to fail to
to stop
to neglect to
dejar de + infinitive