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allergy test taping traces of various known allergens on the skin for 48 hours
patch test
allergy test scratching the surface of the skin and placing a small amount of the allergen under the skin
scratch test
removal of tissue for microscopic examination
biopsy or skin biopsy
superficial layer is removed does not require stitches
shave biopsy
small cylinder of skin the size of a pencil eraser is removed, may require stitches
punch biopsy
remove an entire lesion
excision biopsy
cells are studied under microscope
sample of tissue or fluid is placed in jellylike medium with nutrients to see if it will multiply
provides info on which organism is causing infection
gram stain
what color are gram positive organisims?
crystal violet after decoloration
what color are gram negative organisms?
lose violet stain but stain red
smear of vesicular fluid or drainage from ulcer which is then stained with chemicals
Tzank test
what are some common lab tests?
bacterial analyses and fungal tests
pus filled
fluid that accumulates in a space or passes out of tissues
exam of prurlent material or exudate to determine what type of bacteria are present
bacterial analysis
another name for fungal test
KOH test
another name for KOH test
potasium hydroxide preparation
why is a fungal test or potasium hydroxide preparation test done?
to rapidly diagnose fungal infections of the hair skin or nails
why is a KOH test done?
it is the diferential diagnosis of infection produced by dermophytes and Candida Albicans from other disorders
Name the allergy tests
patch test scratch test
Name the biopsies
skin shave punch excision and smears
Name the culture tests
Gram stain Tzank test
hair transplant
hair follicles transplanted on scalp
liquid nitrogen applied to skin with cotten swab
Mohs surgery
thin layers of malignant growth are removed and examined a layer at a time
skin graft
treatment for 2nd and 3rd degree burns
autologous graft
taken by patient from patients own body
isologous graft
taken from genetically similar person such as a twin
laser surgery
highly focused and intense light to treat many skin lesions
CO2 laser
used to treat warts and malignancies
Argon laser
used to treat vascular lesions wrinkles and ligtening of tattoos
use of mecanical surgical or chemical techniques to remove necrotic tissue from a wound
therapeutic baths
used to treat many skin conditions over a wide area
antibacterial baths
used to treat infected areas
colloidal baths
used to soothe itchy skin
emollient baths
used to clean and hydrate the skin
tar baths
used to treat scaly skin disorders
useful in the treatment of psoriasis
name two laser surgeries
argon and CO2