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Q: Who is SECNAV and what does he do?
A: HON Donald Winter. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and programs consistent with national security policies and objectives. Reports to POTUS and SECDEF.
Q: Who is the CNO and what is his primary responsibilities?
A: ADM Gary Roughead. Senior Flag Officer in the Navy and Navy rep in Joint Chiefs of Staff. Reports to SECNAV on JCS activities and decisions. Responsible for the management of the Navy.
Q: Who is the MCPON and what does he do?
A: MCPON Rick West. Senior enlisted member in the Navy. Advisor to CNO. Serve as spokesman for enlisted personnel.
Q: Who is charged with the absolute responsibility for the safety, well-being and efficiency of their command?
A: Commanding Officer
Q: Who is responsible for the organization, performance of duty and good order and discipline of the entire command?
A: Executive Officer
Q: The ____________ is the enlisted advisor to the command on the formulation and implementation of policies pertinent to morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline and has direct access to the CO.
Q: Which organization provides maritime surveillance and security in bays and harbors, around piers and in-shore enviroments around the world?
A: Naval Coastal Warfare (NCW)
Q: Which organization is made up of 11 MIUWU's 7 IBU's, 2 MSS and primary function is force protection?
A: Maritime Expeditionary Security Group (MESG)
Q: Which organization is charged with security, observation and communications support for operations inshore/coast environment?
A: Mobile Inshore Underseas Warfare Units (MIUWU)
Q: What do Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians do?
A: Render safe all types of ordnance, both conventional and unconventional.
Q: Which organization provides swift and mobile ship salvage, towing, battle damage repair, deep ocean recovery, harbor clearance and underwater ship repair?
A: Naval Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (NMDSU)
Q: Who provides coastal and harbor defense and protection of naval assets?
A: Mobile Security Squadron
Q: Who protects high value naval targets from terrorist attacks in ports and harbors where US infrastructure is limited?
A: Mobile Security Detachments
Q: The ___________ is a 11 or 12 man team providing protection for MSC ships and civilian crew?
A: Embarked Security Team
Q: Who provides waterside protection to key assets at the termination of the Sea Lines Of Communications (SLOC)?
A: Port Security Unit