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informative speaking
to share information with others to enhance their knowledge or understanding of the information, concepts, and ideas you present
persuasive speaking
the process of attempting to change or reinforce a listener's attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavior
presentation about objects
a speech about anything tangible, anything you can see or touchq
presentations about procedures
discusses how something works, or describes a process that produces a particular outcome.
presenations about people
a biographical presentation about someone famous or about someone your know personally
presentations about events
describing an event in concrete, tangible terms and to bring the experience to life for your audience
presentations about ideas
a presenations that are more abstract than other types of presentations ex:buddhism,evolution
what are strategies for making an infromative presentation interesting?
simplify ideas,pace your info flow, relate new info to old, relate to your listener's interests, use attention catching material, establish motive for listening, use word pictures.use humor
what are strategies for making your presentation memorable/
building redundancy, using adult learining principles, and reinforcing key ideas verbally and nonverbally