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rational-emotive approach
method for getting rid of debilitative feelings while remaining sensitive to the more facilitative meanings
fallacy of perfection
idea that competent communicators should be able to handle ANY situation with grace, poise, and use of the right words
fallacy of approval
idea that we should be accepted and liked by everyone
fallacy of should
focuses on what SHOULD be rather than what IS
fallacy of overgeneralization
taking one piece of information and basing all your thoughts and beliefs off of it (umbrella effect)
fallacy of causation
idea that you shouldn't do or say anything that could harm or inconvenience someone in any way because it will cause hurt or undesirable feelings (walking on eggshells)
fallacy of helplessness
(on a nonspiritual level) idea that forces beyond our control effect our satisfaction in life
-victimhood - "i have no control over it"
fallacy of catastrophic expectations
idea that if anything bad can happen it probably will
-self-fulfilling prophecy - telling yourself something bad is going to happen over and over and then it happens
self awareness
recognizing and understanding your feelings
self regulation
ability to control your impulses (think, then act)
passion for work and propensity to energetically and persistently pursue goals (Goleman's definition)
feeling with someone
social skills
ability to build and maintain relationships
emotional intelligence
having the ability to effectively manage your emotions: includes 5 things
emotional economy
sum of the total exchanges of feeling among us
-are you depositing (giving) or withdrawing (taking) more emotions?