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Cultural Studies
McCombs and Shaw
Agenda-Setting Theory
Cultivation Theory
Genderlect Styles
Muted Group Theory
Democratic Pluralism
Society held together by common norms; set of democratic values. Says that media messages have little effect and so infers that democracy is working.
Frankfurt School Theorists
Early cultural critic. Believe media owners have huge influence over ideology and political power, are able to maintain status quo, restrains free expression
Cultural role of media, sway of haves over have-nots
Roland Barthes
Early cultural critic. Believes: Deconstructing concrete images into their shifting meaning. Semiotics preserve and reinforce social power
Michael Foutcault
Early cultural critic. Says others miss relationship between social power and communication. Need for frameworks of interpretation.
Functions to make meaning, with Cultural studies important to see who is creating discourse
Discursive Formation
People of power draw lines of distinction in making meaning
Hegemonic Encoding
Messages encoded by the mass media and then subsequently decoded, internalized, and acted out by the the people
What mass media attempts to do with their information
Ideological Discourses of Constraint
Mass media limits range of alternatives and then makes it looks like there are no other options
What are the three options for Decoding?
Operating Inside the dominant code

Applying a Negotiable Code

Substituting a Oppositional Code
Cultivation Differential
Difference in percent of percent of light and heavy tv watchers giving a 'television answer'
What are the four attitudes Gerbner's survey targets?
Chances of involvement with violence

Perceived Activity of Police

Fear of Walking Alone at Night

General Mistrust of People
Process that shapes viewer that would otherwise be leaning liberal or republican to have a common outlook
New populism
Sort of population that mainstreaming creates, with diminished traditional differences, conservative social values, and self-labeled moderate political views, though not actually middle-of the road or middle class as they think they are.
Technique of statistically blending the independent studies that explore the same connection
Reaffirms both power of press and individual ability to choose
Who are the groups proposed to be the ultimate agenda-setters?
News Editors

Political Candidates

Public Relations Professionals
What type of people are most susceptible to media agenda?
People with a high need for orientation/index of curiosity

People with high relevance and uncertainty
What are the most powerful frames for crime?
The probability that it can happen to anyone

Where the crime took place
Media Malady Effect
Negative economic headlines have significant impact on consumer sentiment
The selection of a restricted number of thematically related attributions for inclusion on the media agenda when a particular object is discussed
Media frame
Centralized idea for news content that supplies content and suggests what the issue is
What are the methods media framing uses?



What are the two levels of agenda setting?
Transfer of importance of an attitude object in mass media pictures to a prominent place in our minds.

Transfer of importance of dominant set of attributes that media associates with attitude object to specific features of image in our mind
What are the functions of the long explanations men often use when seeking to establish a one-up position?
command attention

convey information

insist on agreement
Cooperative Overlap
Adding words of agreement or ending sentences for the other person
What are the five types of talk?
Public Speaking vs Private Speaking

Telling a story


Asking Questions

What are the metaphors for continual muting of women on the internet?
Information Superhighway

The New Frontier

A Global Community

Female "sub-version"
Possibility for women to use back-channel routes to discuss their experiences.