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Define Synchronized Communication.
relates to conversational styles that affect how easily people interact.
Define Involvement (ego-involvment).
a perception that an attitude in a message is relvant to a person's sense of self (her or his self-concept).
Define Belief and Attitude.
belief- is the cognitive dimension of an attitude that expresses the extent (subjective probability) to which an evaluation (positive or negative attribute) is associated with an object, concept, situation, or action being evaluated.

Attitude- a learned predispostition to respond in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with respect to a given object.
Define Reception and Yielding.
reception- entails those processes by which a person is attentive to and considers a message.

yielding- refers to the stage when the person allows the message to influence his or her attitudes or behavior.
Define Modeling.
learning by witnessing or learning about others' experiences (person who are similar).
Define Paralanguage (vocalics).
refers to vocal elements that accompany, complement, contradict, or substitute for vocalized words.
Defined Foot-in-the-Door.
phennomenon when people can be prompted to make a minimal proattitudinal commitment, they are likely to agree subsequently to an even larger request on the same subject.
Define Control, Trust, and Intimacy.
control-refers to the right and ability each participant has to define, direct, and delimit the actions that transpire during interaction.

trust-the extent to which participants experience uncertainty in regard to the amount and kind of control exerted in a relationship.
intimacy-refers to the extent that relational partners have depth of attachment.
Define Social Conflict.
defined as a contest for scarce resources or positions in which participants are ego-involved.
Define Fear Appeals.
A component of a message that contains information that directlyu relates to some dreaded effect that could be suffered by the persuadee or by persons for whom this person is responsible, such as a child.
Define Kinesics.
the study of body movement, posture, and gestures.
Define Pregiving (compliance gaining).
where by the source gives the reward in advance of the requested action.
Define Grave Dressing.
last phase of relationship dissolution in which they communicate to get over the relationship. To do so they engage in retrospection, and present the "break up" story to their acquaintances.