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failure events
violations of understandings between people in relationships
a message that a failure event has occurred
a response to a reproach
one's racial or ethnic group
a race, culture, religion, or ethnic group different from one's own
deception by omission (concealment)
intentionally holding back some of the information another person has requested or that you are expected to share
deception by commission
the deliberate presentation of false information
white lies
deception by commission involving only a slight degree of falsification that has a minimal consequence
deception by commission involving 'stretching the truth' or embellishing the facts
baldfaced lie
deception by commission involving outright falsification of information intended to deceive the listner
active verbal responses
reactive statements made in response to a hurtful message
acquiescent responses
crying, conceding, or apologizing in response to a hurtful message
invulnerable responses
ignoring, laughing, or being silent in response to a hurtful message
aggressive communication
communication in which a speaker makes demands, attacks another person's self-concept, or uses words to cause pain
the tendency to argue constantly, which undermines effective listening and credibility
bilateral dissolution
the ending of a relationship agreed to by both parties
unilateral dissolution
the ending of a relationship even though one party wants it to continue
fading away
ending a relationship by slowly drifting apart
sudden death
the abrupt and unplanned ending of a relationship
the process by which conflicts and problems finallly reach critical mass and cause a relationship to end
intrapsychic phase
the first phase in a relationship termination, when an individual engages in an internal evaluation of the partner
dyadic phase
the second phase in relationship termination, when the individual discusses termination with the partner
social phase
the third phase in relationship termination, when members of the social network around both parties are informed of and become involved inthe termination process
grave-dressing phase
the final phase in relationship termination, whenthe partners generate public explanations and move past the relationship
indirect termination strategies
attempts to break up a relationship without explicicly stating the desire to do so
direct termination strategies
explicit statements of a desire to break up a relationship