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What are 4 important reasons to have good communications skills?
1 Affects our personal life

2 Affects our sense of well being

3 Affects our personal relationships

4 Affects our professional life
How does communication affect our personal lives?

Give Example
We gain our personal identities by communication w others.
We see ourselves thru the eyes of others, so their messages form the foundations of our self concept.
I.e. parents telling us “you’re a good girl, or you’re so pretty, smart” etc… this profoundly evident in children who are deprived of human contact.
How does communication affect our sense of well being?

Give example
Communication with others promotes health, and well being whereas social isolation lead to stress, disease, depression, heart disease, and early death
How does communication affect our personal relationships?
Primary distinction btwn relationships that endure and those that collapse is the presence of effective communication
How does communication affect our professional life?
Critical for success and career advancement. Companies report that poor communicators are expensive in wasted work week .Essential for effective interaction in our socially diverse era
What is definition of communication?
Process by which people interact with and thru symbols to create and interpret meanings.
What are the 4 features of communication?
1 Process

2 Systems

3 Symbols

4 Meaning
What is "process" feature of communication?
Communication is a process meaning it is ongoing, always in motion, and changing
What are 4 parts of "system" feature of communication?

Give example of each
1 participants

2 Setting
ie week, time of day, public vs private

3 Hx
ie a hx of conflict one might anticipate defense

4 Different cultures or ethnicities
What are "symbol" feature of communication?

Give example
As we don’t have direct access to each others thoughts and feelings. We interaction w symbols
I.e. language, wedding ring, hug
What are the 2 "meaning" levels of communication?

Give example of each
1 content level - literal message of what is being communicated
i.e. “can I come in” means want to enter

relationship level - the relationship of 2 participants affects meaning of what is being communicated
I.e. “Can I come in” from an angry boss means I might be in trouble at work
What are the 3 models of communications?
1 linear model

2 interactive model

3 transactional model
What is linear model of communication?
Communication is a one way process fr sender to receiver and communication is transformed in a straightforward manner. A person is only a sender or receiver and info is passively absorbed
ie I speak and listener listens
What is interactive model of communication?
Interactive process which sender and receiver participate actively. Receiver adds feedback (and changes message) and field of experience affect communication. This doesn’t reflect communications as changing over time as result of what has happened btwn people
What is transactional model of communication?
ication is like a big circle there and changes as each participant speaks. There is no sender or receiver. Both communicators participate equally, simultaneously in process of communication. Noise, mental bias, field of experience affects communication. Communication is an continually changing process
Which model of communication is most accurate and why?
Transactional process in which people interact with and thru symbols over time to create meaning.
What careers are open to people in the communication field?

Give examples of each.
1 research - Help others to understand how communication works or not works i.e. advertisement responses

2 education

3 mass comm - Journalism, broadcast, PR, advertising

4 HR/Mgmt - I.e. PR, personnel grievance mgmt, negotiation, customer relations

5 Training/Consult - teach courses or consult in improving comm skills or presentation skills or speeches

How does language influence our values?

Explain Chinese/American example
Language influences our values, and molds how we think of the world. Formed from our environment.
I.E. English/Spanish “I dropped the key” vs. “the key fell”
Mssg is I am responsible for what happens vs. things happen and I am not responsible.
I.E. English/Chinese “I don’t want to buy that” vs. “I would have a hard time to buy that at this time”
Mssg is I have to see what group wants before I can make a decision
What does symbolic nature of communication mean?
Symbols only gain meaning in the eye of the beholder. This varies from culture to culture.
Explain Cats example of symbolism.
Have had various ideas assoc with cat. 1-Asociated with paganism. 2-Also as protector (killed mice). 3-Assoc with witches (turned self into cat). Bubonic plague killed 1/3 of populatation b/c peopled feared cats and there were no cats to kill the mice which carried the fleas.
Explain happy swastika example of symbolism
In 1900’s was a benevolent symbol or good wishes from sender. Hitler used this as his symbol of communism b/c he knew the connotation and would influence people to join his organization. Now it symbolizes hate, control, fear etc...
Explain dispute in sign language
example of symbolism
This is an example of how 2 diff people assoc symbols with completely different thing.
I.E. grain on ground to one meant Jews spread all over earth and to other meant food for my chicken