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how people communicate using bodily movement
degree of touch one uses that relates to expressing intimate feelings, an active personal lifestyle, and satisfactory relationships
components of your voice (the way a message is spoken)
-pitch, tone, rate
-can give a single word many meanings
related to the distance you allow between yourself and others
factor used to determine how people use and structure time
-can depend on the culture
intimate space (0 to 18in)
space you use with people emotionally close to you and mostly in private situations
personal space (18in to 4ft)
closer space couples stand at in public; farther space to keep people "at arm's length"
social space (4ft to 12ft)
the distance between communicators that can strongly affect how we regard and stand to others
public space (12ft to infinity)
closer range is what most teachers us in a classroom; farther range makes communication almost impossible