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What are “downshifters”?
Those who intentionally reject consumer lifestyle.
What are “tweens”?
1st grade to age 12
What are “moral panics”?
Adult fears about child ads.
What replaced “unstructured socializing” for kids?
Market leisure
What’s the relationship between dysfunction and consumption?
Both cause depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
How have youth marketers “gone anthropological”?
Ethnographic methods to scrutinize intimate details of kids’ lives.
What are “sign wars”?
Corporate competition centered around images.
What’s the result of the kids market being dominated by a few powerful companies?
What have studies of trends in kids’ time use revealed?
Structured by commercials and consumer activity.
What is the new “post-modern childhood” driven by?
TV, internet, video games, movies, etc.
What’s happened to the teen obesity rate since 1980?
What is lavish big spending by big brands accomplished by?
Resistance to investing in facilities/labor.
What “old-fashioned idea” has disappeared?
Manufacturer responsible for own work force.
Brand name multinationals are less and less interested in what?
Why prices fall so low.
What does a “symbiotic relationship” between EPZ and local government refer to?
Should derive income from each other.
How did Carmelita Alonzo die?
Why is it a myth that developing countries are inheriting “our” jobs?
Perceived as similar jobs.
Why do workers say that choice to work in EPZs was “made for them”?
Enclosed factory.
Some Mexican managers make women prove what?
That they are menstruating.
What is the “promise” of industrialization feel like in Cavite EPZ?
A threat.
What did a 2002 New York Times investigation reveal about drug advertising?
As long as celebs don’t mention a drug by name, they don’t have to adhere to FDA’s “fair balance” rule.
What do “reminder ads” do?
Say name of drug but not what it’s for.
What did an FDA notice of discontinuation NOT address about a mailer advertising a drug to prevent breast cancer?
Women determined as “high risk” on a breast cancer risk assessment weren’t actually as at risk as they’d been told?
What does the name of the drug “Baycol” remind consumers of?
Breakfast meat.
Why did a certain drug company get a warning about their drug “Vioxx”?
Unexplained 4 to 5 increase in heart attacks.
What was the Prescription Drug User Free Act (PDUFA) designed to do?
Speed up a regulating review procedure.
How did the PDUFA create a new relationship between the drug industry and the FDA?
FDA collects fee from drug companies to pay the salaries of the very people who approve or reject their products for marketing.
What is the “democratization of credit”?
The money we borrow that leads to dependency.
What is Robert Manning’s response to a question about whether or not students should have credit cards?
Students should have credit cards that are capped at $500.
What does Manning critique about Barbie dolls?
Designed for age 3 and up.
What is each American’s share of the national debt?
$27,000 per person
Why is it dangerous that property has come to be seen as the only way to build wealth?
Housing is overvalued by 40%.
Why does bankruptcy attorney Charles Juntikka call banks “evil”?
They’re making 54% net profit off poorest members of society.
How did the bankruptcy reform law signed by Bush just weeks before Hurricane Katrina affect victims of the disaster?
Ruled out floods at grounds for bankruptcy.
What have the banks that issued homeowners their original mortgages been doing with these mortgages over the past few years?
Selling them through Wall Street.
What did the New York Daily News report about the finances of troops coming back from Iraq?
100,000 troops have long-term debt on short-term loans.
Why did Marlboro shift from marketing itself as a woman’s cigarette to a men’s cigarette?
Men won’t use products designed for women but women will use products designed for men.
What percentage of smokers start before they’re 18?
How do alcohol ads usually portray men?
Sexist jerks terrified of real relationships.
What percentage of violent crime is linked to alcohol?
Why is alcohol consumption particularly dangerous for young women?
They get drunk faster than men.
What must the alcohol industry do to keep high-risk drinkers drinking?
Create a climate of denial.
At a Congressional hearing, what challenged the happy image of student credit card debt as a rite of passage?
Personal testimonies of parents whose children committed suicide.
What was the response of credit card companies when initially challenged by studies pointing to their predatory practices?
Rejected all requests to participate in live national TV or radio programs that specifically address issue of student debt.
What combination has increased the strain of paying for higher education?
Exacerbated by falling real wages.
What does Manning describe as “a normal extension of Jeff’s college experience”?
Shift from using credit cards for convenience to financing an inflated SOL.
What evidence do we have that kids use credit cards because of the strong influence of escalating peer consumption pressure and sophisticated youth marketing campaigns?
Access to credit cards can lead to costly and unnecessary purchases.
Why does Sheila say that credit cards give you a “false consciousness”?
Illusion of offering higher status but they really keep you down with high interest charges.