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What is the title of the story?
Coming Home: A Story of Josh Gibson
Who is the author?
Nanette Mellage
Who is the illustrator?
Cornelius Van Wright
Setting: Where does the story take place?
Homestead, Pennsylvania
Setting: When does the story take place?
1930s: days of segregation.
Who is the major character?
Josh Gibson, whom many consider to be one of the best players in baseball history. AKA "Thunder."
Who is/are the minor character(s)?
The Homestead Grays, Henry Lloyd, Luther Farrell, and the New York Lincoln Giants; young boy telling the story, and his "pop."
What is the plot/problem?
Lloyd challenged the Grays to a ten-game series to see which team would be the Negro League champions.
What event(s) take place?
The Grays were ahead of Lincoln four games to two. The little boy and his father traveled to see game seven at the Yankee Stadium. The little boy talked with Josh and got his autograph.
Lincoln pitcher, Luther Farrell kept striking out the Grays.
What was the outcome?
The Lincolns/Henry Lloyd sent Broadway Rector to pitch to Josh, and everyone yelled "Thunder's coming." Josh hit the ball right out of Yankee Stadium