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come I avv. 1.
(nelle interrogative)
come stai?
how are you?
come ti chiami?
what's your name?
come si scrive?
how do you spell it?
sapere come fare
to know how to do
com'è John?
what is John like?
come'è la casa?
what does the house look like?
excuse me? pardon? sorry?
come hai detto?
what did you say?
2. come mai, com'è che
how come?
3. (nelle esclamazione) come sei gentile!
how kind of you?
come sei cresciuto!
how you've grown!
come si siamo divertiti!
what a great time we had!
(ma) come!
come no!
of course!, sure!
4. (similmente a) come la maggior parte delle persone
like most people
in una situazione come questa
in such a situation
un capello come quello
a hat like that one
5. come
(nel modo in cui, allo stesso modo di) as
fai come me
do as I do
ha fatto come gli ho detto
he did it in the way I told him
(fai) come vuoi
do as you like
come avevamo deciso
as we had agreed
come sempre
as ever, the same as always
come al solito
as usual
come segue
as follows
6. come
(il modo in cui)
ecco come è sucesso
it happened like this, this is what happened
per come la vedo io
as I see it
7. come
(in paragoni)
nero come il carbone
as black as coal
è intelligente come te
he is as intelligent as you
non è intelligente come te
he is not as intelligent as you
trattare qcn. come un bambino
to treat someone like a child
è più facile di come pensavo
it's easier than I thought
8. come
di giorno come di notte
by day as well as by night
tanto qui come all'estero
both here and abroad
9. come
(quale)such, as, like
in un paese come l'Italia
in a country like Italy
città come Roma e Milano
cities such as Rome and Milan
10. Come
(in qualità di, con la funzione di)
lavorare come un insegnante
to work as a teacher
presentarsi come candidato
to stand as a candidate
come esempio di
as an example of
cosa c'è come dessert
what's for dessert
11. come
(in proposizioni incidentali)
come ben sai
as you well know
come potete vedere
as you can see
12 come
(nello spelling)
T come Tom
T for Tom
13. come
avaro com'è, non ti darà nulla
he so mean, he won't give you anything
14 come da
as per
come da istruzione
as requested, as per your instructions
come da programma
according to schedule
come II cong 1
rispettala came fosse tua madre
respect her as though she were your mother
mi guardò come per dire "ti avevo detto"
he looked at me as if to say, "I told you so."
2. come se
as if
si comporta come se fosse a casa sua
he acts as if he owns the place {literally: He acts as if he were at his house}
si sono comportati come se niente fosse
they behaved as if nothing had happened
3. come
(non appena) as, as soon as
come si è fatto buio sono tornato a casa
as sooon as it became dark I returned home
come giro le spalle
as soon as my back is turned
4. come
(how, that)
mi ha detto come l'ha trovato
he told me how he had found it
come III. m.

il come e perce di qcs.
the how and the why of something
come non detto
forget it, never mind {literally: as if not said}
come minimo
at the very least