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How many stages of swallowing are there
oral prep/ oral/ pharyngeal /esophageal
what is the physiology associated with the ORAL Preparatory phase?
mastication of food in the mouth
Labial seal
Adequate facial muscle tone
Rotary and lateral movement of tongue and mandible
Larynx and pharynx are at rest
During the oral preparatory phase what anatomy is associated?
lips-cheeks-tongue-hard palate -alveolar ridge
During the Oral phase what anatomy is associated
Hard palate
Soft palate
what is the physiology associated with the oral phase
Begins with posterior movement of the food/liquid
Stripping action
Lateral edges and tongue tip are anchored against the alveolar ridge
Transit time is approximately 1-1.5
When does the pharyngeal phase begain
Begins when the food/liquid first passes through the faucial arches and triggers a swallow response
Approximately 1 second
what is the physiology associated with the pharyngeal phase
Velopharyngeal closure
Elevation and anterior movement of the hyoid and larynx
Closure of the larynx
Tongue base and pharyngeal wall action
Cricopharyngeal opening
What is the anatomy associated with the pharyngeal phase
Soft palate
Aryepiglottic fold
Pyriform sinus
Cricopharyngeal muscle
during the esophageal phase what physiology is associated
Begins with the food/liquid enters the opening to the esophagus and ends when the bolus enters the stomach
Transit time varies 8-20 sec