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Dan might drive his car.
Dan might drive his truck.
Dan might drive his car or truck.
Roger brings his lunch to work.
Roger eats his lunch at work.
Roger brings his lunch to work and eats it at noon.
I ate cake.
I ate ice cream.
I ate cake and ice cream.
Bob might be chosen to lead the group.
Lisa might be chosen to lead the group.
Bob or Lisa might be chosen to lead the group.
Sally might come on Wednesday.
Sally might come on Thursday.
Sally might come on Wednesday or Thursday
The house was dark.
It had a strange smell.
The house was dark and had a strange smell.
Ben needed to cook dinner.
He needed to clean the house.
Ben needed to cook dinner and clean the house.
Ellen was holding the toy.
She was laughing.
Ellen was laughing and holding the toy.
Linda got some books from her mother.
Linda gave the books to Sam.
Linda got some books from her mother and gave them to Sam.
Carla is young.
Carla is strong.
Carla is smart.
Carla is young, strong, and smart.