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definition of intimacy
broad concept to describe feelings, behaviors, relationships, etc.
principles of nonverbal intimacy
1. relational escalation-more touch when relationship is developing
2. reciprocity-u tell someone omething and expect to get it in return.
3. arousal-relaxation-more aroused around best friend than stranger.(unless attracted to the stranger)
your reaction to something, NOT a mood.
three dimensions of emotion
1. pleasantness- positive or negative
2. activity-passive vs. aroused
3. intensity- strong or weak
channels that display emotion (from the article)
1. facial cues-smiling, gazing, rolled eyes
2.activity cues- went for a walk, throw stuff
3.context cues- facts u already knew ex-they had a test
4. trait cues- "he always gets red when mad"
5. body cues- clenched fists
definition of power
ability to influence others and/or control resources
your position in hierarchy. can lead to power
comm. style that involves assertiveness and control
principles of power
1. elevation- throne, penthouse
2. spatial- limo
3. centrality- head of the table
4. inititative-start convo
5. prerogative- boss can violate norms.
6. visual dominance ratio- more looking while speaking than listening.
intentionally giving false info. or concealing important info.
leakage hierarchy
1. voice (hardest to control)
2. lower body
3. upper body
4. face
5. verbal
informational- what u know about them already ex- age
behavioral- how they normally act
relational- stranger? friend? parent?
truth- u overestimate ppl. tellin the truth
lie- thinking every1 lies
positive demeanor- some1 looks nice and friendly..automatically think they won't deceive you.
characterisitcs of immediacy
1. decrease physical/psycological distance between people.
2. show interpersonal warmth/positive effect.
3. increase sensory stimulation or comfort level.ex: u don't have to fill silence.
4. signal availibility for communication. ex: if u want to talk to the person u can.
immediacy behaviors
1. proxemics
-close distances
-forward leans
-comm. on same physical plane
2. haptics
-pos. forms of touch
3. kinesics
-mutual gaze
4. vocalics
-baby talk
-having comfortable silence