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comm. style that includes assertiveness. Occurs when someone's comm. style influences others. Dominant people usually control talk-time. judged as skillful.
Powerful people can violate these norms. Can become trend setters.
Four-Factor Theory of Deception
(explained classes of behaviors)
1. Attempted Control- idea that ppl. are trying to control their performances by monitoring verbal info.
2. Arousal- if u know the person u are deceiving, arousal goes up.
3. Affective Reactions- most ppl. feel guilty when deceiving.
4. cognitive processing- harder to lie than tell the truth.
primary immediacy behaviors
1. proxemics- closer distance
2. haptics- comfortable touch
3. kinesics- smiling, eye contact.
4. vocalics- baby talk, comfortable silence
secondary cues related to intimacy
1. chronemics- putting time away for certain ppl.
2. appearance/adornment- dress and perfume. in beginning of rela. put alot effort into ur looks.
3. environmental cues- music, candles, sociopetal arrangements(to encourage comm.)
Strategic Behavior (you can control)
Info. management- tell a short story (less likely to get caught)
Positive demeanor- smile more when lying
Nonstrategic Leakage
negative affect- look like their trying to be happy but arent

channel discrepancy- smiling but they look nervous (contraddicting actions).
Factors Affecting Deception

Personality Traits
Machiavellianism- manipulating person. controling, competitive.

Public Self-Conscious- care about how ppl. judge them.

age- harder to detect the older the person is.

sex- men are better deceivers. Women are better detectors.
Motivational Impairment Effect
the more motivated you are to get away with it, the more likely you are to get caught.