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clear lines of authority
think military, formal chain of command
written policies
training manuals
rational decision making
acting rationally is the best way to do this
individual rights
getting individual grades, getting paid for only your work
legal authority
idea that societies and orgaz. should be organized around formal and in personal, thus objective sets of rules and policies.
something that listoners often do, we assimilate message to what we want to hear
when we are talking we change message, report being late
can ocercome through
chain of command, redundance
hawthorne studies
divided into two groups, lighting. The conclusion that they came to was when people feel like they are being paid attention too they are more satisfied work, which overall makes them work harder. Satisfaction leads to harder work. In recent studies shows that people do really good work when they are angry.
improved superior subordinate relationships, superiors should pay attention to employees
decentralization/flattened hierarchy
don't have so many steps in pyramid
employee motivationa dn empowermant
decisions aren't dictated down the line, there is a team and group decidion
network approaches
glue that holds the network together
those people who link to organizations, but isn't a member of either organization
isolated, doen not have alot of contact with people, janitor
person who decides who gets in and who doesn't
boundary spanners/linking pins/bridgers
they link coorperation together, but one member of one coorporation, sales.
connected to people all over the company. have more influences because they are more integrated
cultural levels
national/regional, professional, corporate, subcultures
orgazionational value and symbol connection
profit competition, customer satisfaction. ortanization values, look the symbols to see their value. have to do with our talk
cultural symbols- vocab hierarchical
mr and mrs. have to do with respecting eachother
is a word or phrase taht shows a subjects likeness to something else
cultural symbols
rites of passage, integration, degradation, enhancement, renewal, conflict resolution. rituals personal, social task. structures, policies and missions
workplace bullying- rage in a cage
you feel lkie a child, feeling like a
critical approach view power
communication-constructs and constrains power- power in organizations, employees play a rule in their own control, sysabus, getting ready to leave class
hard work = success (horatio Alger)
individual merit or performance can brind prosperity to anyone, if you fail it is your fault
idea that the heirarchal relationship that we have in society are normal and natural, not sociall constructed. you start to think that of corse that person is in that job, nursery teacher
future directions and challenges- increased org. competition
requiring teams, flattened hierarchies and participation
need to be flexable
it demands flexable schedules, men spending more time with family
perosnal relationships at work
difficulty in crystallizing
what is performance studies
aesthetic way of studying communication-performance can be seen as another term of communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural, rherotic, all types of human communication
ways of studying aesthetic com text
stories, poems, rituals
how is performance defined
twice behavior, something that has been used before that will work again
completion of something that already exists in skeletal or outline
a script of a play is not complete until produced, blue print and building house
embodiment of something abstract
giving flesh and voice to something. idea of a greeting "how are ya"
everyday performances
people will do a lot with that
clotural performanceq
painting of the bride, things that are routine to a specific event in a culture
aesthetic communication performance
poetry, short stories,
how o we study performance
by reading, writing, composing, responding, performing
where does performance studies come from
contemporary name of a subject from long ago, elocution, expression, oral interpretation.
perfrmance studies is a broad dicipline that combines studies in
communication, theature, leterature, anthropology, social activism
emotion management
at workplace you shouldn't be looking for a husband,
emotion labor
when emotion mamagement moves into the relm of emotion labor, when you are getting paid for emotion
concertive control
invisible type of organizational control n which employees chose to act in the ways the organization wants to see
types of media
natural and technological
natural media
using our bodies and minds to rranslate meanings, words gestures, posture
technological media
anything other than our bodies used to translate, amplify, or otherwise alter information
media richness
the extent to which a medium recreates the nformation available in the original message, also called social presence. it is determined by speed, interactivity, completness
mediamedia openness
the extent to which the messages sent through the medium are public
media sensititivy
the awareness that the media possesses characteristics that affect their appropriateness and effectiveness in specific contexts
cmc competence model
motivation, knowledge, skill, context
positive motivation- cmc can help me accpmplish goals
negative motivation- fear/technophobia
learn to use cmc by tinkering, interpersonal instruction, formal instruction, reading the manual
cmc skills
attentiveness, composure, coordination, expressiveness
cmc challenges
information flow and overflow