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Written, Spoken and unspoken elements of communication to which we assign meaning.
A process of Translating Ideas feelings and thoughts into a code
A process of interpreting ideas, feelings and thoughts into a code.
Response to a message
Any literal or psychological interference with the clear encoding or decoding of a message.
Process of redefining events and experiences from a different point of view.
How you take in stimuli in the environment or info and make sense out of it; also, thoughts and ideas that you say to yourself.
The process of using symbols to persuade others.
The process of acting on information
The process of making sense out of the world
human communication
Communication that occurs simultaneously between two people who attempt to mutually influence each other, usually for the purpose of managing relationships.
Communication that treats people as objects, or that respnds only to their roles, rather than to who they are as unique people.
Process of filling in missing information.
Using you own abilities to seek additinal information to confirm or refute your interpretations of someones behavior.
The act of choosing specific stimuli in your environment to focus on(listening to music in the dark to focus on the words)
Technique of imagining that you are performing a particular task in a certain way; a method of enhancing self-esteem
The notion that predictions about ones future are most likely to come true because one believes that they will come true
Self Fulfilling Prophecy
using your own perceptual abilities to seek info to confirm or refute your interpretations(If you think your partner is going to get rid of you, you began to look for clues)
Asking someone else whether your interpretation of what you percieve are correct
Direct perception checking
Language that reveals bias om favor of one sex and against another
Language that overtly denigrates persons of non heterosexuals orientations, usually arising out of a fear of being labeled gay or lesbian.
A form of language that arouses strong emotions in listeners.(such as "Whatever"!
Trigger Words
A word barrier created though the use of language that reflects unqualified, often untrue generalizations that deny individual differences or variations.(Using the wrong term referring to a Race or Nationality)
Personal and subjective meaning of a word.(the word apartment may be a good word, a comfortable home to one person, as it may meaning a costly hurt to the pockets to another person)
Restrictive, or literal, meaning of a word.
Meaning that refers to something that cannot be perceived or experienced with one of the senses. (Patriotism)
Meaning that refers to something that can be perceived with one of the senses.(voting)
A learned system of knowledge behavior, attitudes, beliefs, values, rules, and norms that is shared by a group of peopl and shaped from one generation the next.
The tendency to describe things in extremes, as though no middle ground exists.(Either you love me or you dont)
A communication problem that arises when the same words mean different things to different people(That game was hot!) (Meaning I liked it, or it was physically hot)
Human movement, gesture, and posture.
The study of human touch(Breast Feeding)
A nonverbal cue that has a specific, generally understood meaning in a given culture and may substitute for a word or phrase. (Putting index finger over mouth to a child, Meaning "shhhhh" quiet!
Clothing or another element of appearance(jewelry, tattoos, piercings")
A nonverbal behavior that accompanies a verbal message and either complements, contradicts, or accents it. (Yawning while proclaiming you're not tired is nonverbal illustrator)
Nonverbal behaviors exhibited both consciously and unconsciously when we are attracted to someone. (90)
Study how humans use space and objects to communicate occupancy or ownership of space.(97)(someone sitting in you chair in class, because you came in late)
A Person's own guideline or standards as to appropriate and inappropriate touching.(93)
Communication other than written or spoken language that creates meaning for someone.
Non-Verbal Communication
(5 Principles of Communication) Fundamentals of Human Communication)
1. Be Aware of your communication with yourself and others.
2. Effectively use and interpret verbal Messages
3. Effectively use and interpret nonverbal messages.
4. Listen and respond thoughtfully to others.
5. Appropriately adapt messages to others.
Attitude Vs. Belief Vs. Value
Attitude-is a learned predisposition rspond to a person, belief the way you structure understanding of reality, whats true and false, value enduring good bad right or wrong.
Name 5 Characteristics of Communication
Communication is inescapable, irreversible, complicated, empasizes content and relationship, and is governed by rules.(15)