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interpersonal conflict
expressed struggle that occurs whne people cannot agree on a way to meet their needs or goals
dependent on each other; one person's actions affect the other person
conflict triggered by a lack of understanding and miscommunication
simple conflict
conflict that stems from different ideas, definitions, preceptions, or goals
ego conflict
conflict that is based on personal issues; conflicting partners attack each other's self-esteem
expressive conflict
conflict that focuses on issues about the quality of the relationship and managing interpersonal tnesion and hostility
instrumental conflict
conflict that centers on achieving a particular goal or task and less on relational issues
constructive conflict
conflict that helps build new insights and establishes new patterns in a relationhip
destructive conflict
conflict that dismantles rather than strengthens relationships
conflict style
the consistent pattern or approach you use to manage disagreement with others
managing conflict by backing off and trying to side-step it
managing conflict by giving in to the demands of others
a conflict management style that stresses winning a conflict at the expense of the other person involved
to attempt to find the middle ground in a conflict
use of other-orientated strategies to manage a conflict so as to achieve a positive solution for all involved
a communication process in which individuals or groups exchange proposals and interact with each other to create understanding and agreement, or to achieve a goal
Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement; a solution to a conflict that can be achieved without negotiation
dredging up old problems and issues from the past, like pulling them out of an old bag or gun ny sack, to use against your partner
"I" language
statements that use the word "I" to express how the speaker is feeling
self-image or self-respect that you and your partner seek to maintain