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One of 2 areas out of Italian control. Aquired by Italy from Prussia/Bismarck after the Austro-Prussian War
Supreme Military Commander. Had more power than the Emperor. Japan
1536 John Calvin published the "Institutes of the Christian Religion". About running Protestant Churches. Believes that salvation is gained through faith alone, and the bible is the only source of religious truth.
Role of the gov. is limited to protecting basic rights. More radical change vs. Conservative. Constant seperation of power. Lassiez-Faire. Mostly mid. class supported.
French Calvinists, fought Catholics in France
Laissez Faire
Policy where businesses operate w/ little or no gov. control. Said real wealth was measured from making land more productive and how much of its output.
Adam Smith
British economist. Wrote the "Wealth of Nations". Supporter of Laissez Faire but said the gov. had the duty to protect society, administer justice, and provide public works
Amerigo Vespucci
Italian Sailor, made reports about the "New Wld." 1507 A German cartographer saw his reports and labeled the "New World" America.
The English Bill of Rights
1689 Made by Parliament before William and Mary were crowned. Ensured Parliament superiority over the crown, required the monarch to summon the Parliament regularly, barred Roman Catholics from taking the throne. Reinstated Habeas Corpus and trial by Jury.
Catherine the Great
Husband Czar Peter II was murdered 1762. Embraced westernization and a student of Englightenment thinkers. Gave boyars more rights and when serfs rebelled, they were suppressed harshly. Forced more people into serfdom. 1772 Got eastern Poland, and got the port on the Black Sea
nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union. 1986 an accident exposed everything to deadly radiation
Spanish explorers brought by stories of gold. 2 well known ones: Hernan Cortes who conquered Tenochtitlian in Mexico and Pizzaro who conquered Peru and overthrew Atahualpa.
Ferdinand Magellan
Set sail 1519 to try a way to cross America to the Pacific. 1520 Sailed throught the Straits of Magellan to the Pacific and eventually landed in the Phillipnes where he was killed. 1522 the rest of his crew get back to Spain, were the first ones to circumnavigate the glob.
Hernan Cortes
Landed in Mexico 1519. Helped by Malinche, an Indian woman. Allied w/ people that were conquered by the Aztecs. Aztec emperor Moctezuma thought he was the god Quetzalcoatl and welcomed him to Tenochtitilan but soons started fighting and Moctezuma is killed. 1521 demolished Tenochtitlan w/ Indian allies.
Nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union. 1986 An accident exposed everything to deadly radiation.
Treaty of Utrecht
1713 Ended the War of Spanish Sucession between Spain and France. France tried to unite Spain's crown w/ theirs. France lost and promised never to try to unite their crowns again. France gave Britain Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
Cold War
Arms race. Russia developed their own atomic bomb 1949. Propoganda. Lasted for more than 40 yrs.
Bill of Rights 1689
Made by Parliament before William and Mary were crowned. Ensured the superiority of Parliament over the crown, required the monarch to summon Parliament. Also gave the House of Commons the power of the purse. Barred Roman Catholics from being King. Reinstated habeas corpus and trial by jury.