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Name given to a specific color
Diagram used to show char. of colors and to develop color schemes; 12 colors, 3 primary, 3 secondary, & 6 tertiary
Color Wheel
Red, Yellow, & Blue; all other colors are made from these three hues
Primary Colors
created by combining equal amounts of 2 primary colors; orange, green, & violet
Secondary Colors
created combining equal amounts of one primary and one secondary
Intermediate or Tertiary Colors
colors taht are directly oposite each other on the color wheel
Complementry Colors
contains 2 or more variations of the color hue
Monochromatic Color Scheme
uses colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel
Analogous Color Wheel
Describes the lightness or darkness of a color
color combined with varying degrees of white
color combined with varying degrees of black
color combined with varying degrees of grey
brightness or dullness of a color
White, grey, black
Primary Neutral Colors
red, yellow, orange
warm colors