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Means of transferring graphics between different applications and devices
Alternative output to PostScript
PDF and PostScript share the same what?
Imaging Model
Which of the 2 are preferred for RIP?
What is RIP?
Raster Image Processor
Some Benefits to PostScript
-Can handle almost all input color spaces
-Has dictionaries
-uses look-up tables
Some PostScript Limitations
-Trapping is complicated or impossible
-Hard to edit in PostScript
-Lack of page independence, difficult to split document for imposition
some PostScript 3 additions
-Raster Masks, clipping paths can be converted to raster masks
-Smooth shading, gradient fills can be specified as high resolution color transitions
-Better integrated with ICC profiles
PDF Benefits
-Page Independence
-more robust and less eroor-prone structure
What are the contents of a PDF file?
Header, Body, Cross-Reference table(look-up tables), Trailer
PDF Weaknesses
-Inability to include some types of trap info
-Embedding of TrueType fonts
-Lack of color managed screen display
Computer produced graphical information is in what form?
not raster
Output devices are ?
raster devices
not vector
To convert vector info for raster devices what must happen?
Map the vector shapes onto the individual pixels of the output device
Scan Conversion
What is the RIP process?
Coverts interpreted page description into individual device pixels
can you print pixels or dots?
Dots only
What is ROOM?
Rip Once Output Many
When can you edit with RIP?
Until final output
When RIPing a PostScript what becomes editable?
Some things but not bleeds and traps
Some Device Dependent output functions
-Conversion to device color space
-dot gain
The future of RIP
Rapid advance with many new developments
RIP uses what kind of grid?
Halftone(only in software)
Gray Levels
0% black
0% black No Spots On
25% 1 of 4 spots on
50% 1/2 spots on
75% 3 of 4 spots on
100% all spots on
What is the super-imposed grid?
Halftone grid set over the imagesetter grid
What are the benefits of the Super-imposed grid?
Tinier dots, better detail, color, saturation
Super-imposed grid is also referred to as ?
Hi-Fine Screen
What is Stochastic or FM Screening?
Randomly placed dots rather than halftone dots alligned along grid
Applications of FM screening?
-High-end Commercial printers
-High-end color work
-Magazines and newspapers
Advantages to Stochastic?
-No Moire pattern
-easier registration
-higher quality at lower resolutions
-smooth tone rendering
Reasons files fail to output correctly
-Incorrect Trapping
-wrong Color Space
-Images in wrong file format
-Graphics not linked
-missing graphics
-Incorrect Resolution
You should maintain workflow in what color space?
RGB (including conventional and inkjet printing)
Color images can be output as what two things?
Separations or composite color(all in same file)
You should keep your files as what?
RGB Composites
Web resolution?
72 or 96 for new monitors
Web images
-Quality requirements are lower
-Minimize image file size
-Jpeg compression
Graphics elements can be created in what color space?
ANY as long as an ICC profile defining the color space is available
What is proofing?
Allows the job to be preview before printing and check and correct errors at the last minute.
Reasons for proofing
-approve or correct job
-to preview your concept
-to agree with client and printer on the service being completed
Proofing stages or common types of proofs?
Visual, Design Proof, and final color proof
What is a visual proof?
Rough proof for client approval prior to page layout
What is a design proof?
Or comprehensive proof shows the finished design with all text and visual elements
What is a Final Color Proof?
Simulates final completed job
Requirements of proofing systems?
What is Soft Proofing?
When an image or design is proofed in digital form
Benefits of soft proofing
-Ability to edit repeatedly
-No need to transfer files to another output device
-Can be transmitted electronically
-Eliminates need to transport physical media
-used for color approval
-Saves time and money
Problems with color approval and soft proofing?
-Screen image may not match color of final print
-Sometimes different color gamuts
-No physical record of showing client or client approval
Soft Proofing best as long as...
-Standard viewing conditions(d50)
-Monitors are calibrated
-Color management systems and ICC profiles used
-Works well with PDF
Soft proofing A.K.A.?
Remote Proofing
Factors in choosing proofing system?
-Cost of producing proofs
-Importance of color accuracy
-ease of making changes
-Degree of interpretation necessary