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sprits exist in all nature
Export more than import
Balance of Trade
"Give me liberty or give me death."
Patrick Henry
Writer of the Consiitution
Thomas Jefferson
Believe your culture is superior
Revival of Art and Science
Command of Contentinatal Army
George Washington
Law required colonists to house soldiers
Quarting Act
First legal assembly in the British Colonies
House of Buegesses
Colonists exist for the benefit of the mother country by providing raw materials and buying the manufactured goods
Religion movement in Europe that ended unity
Protestant Reformation
English philosapher natural law
John Lcke
Punishment for the Boaton Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
Landed on the Careabian Sea in 1492
Christopher Colombus
French colonists made their living by trading these
Date of Declartion of Independance
July 4, 1776
Snowball throughing at the troops turned into a massacare
Boston Massacre
First Colonial protest
Boston Tea Party
First Battle of the revolutinoary War
Lexington Concord
European country that helped Americans beat the British
Last attempt to keep peace with British
Olive Branch Petition
Forbade Americans to settle West of the Applachian Mountains
Proclimation of 1763
Refers to the fact that the colonists paid the government their paychecks so they could tel them wehat to do
Power of the Purse
The cheif purpose was to explain American complaints to the British
Declaration of Independance
Treaty ending the American Revolution
Treaty of Paris
A duty
American patriot who defended British in Boston Mass.
Joihn Hardy
She helped found
Rode Island
Anne Hutchinson
Law which places tax on imported paper
The Stamp Act
Signed by Pilkgrim settlers
The Matflower Compact