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Tobacco, Rice, and Indigo were important economic products of this region
Southern Colonies
Fishing, whaling, rum, and shipbuilding were important economic products of this region
New England Colonies
Wheat, livestock,iron, fishing, fur, and Shipbuilding were important economic products of this region
Middle Colonies
The year Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, was founded
A period in which tens of thousands of Puritans came to Massachusetts.
The Great Migration
A time period in which preachers traveled through the colonies holding revivals (sermons) to get colonist back involved in the church. Increased religious tolerance and democratic practices
The Great Awakening
Religious Freedom, Political Freedom, Social, and Economic
Reasons for Colonization
First elected assembly in the colonies, model for our U.S. Congress, other colonies set up similar representative bodies
Virginia House of Burgesses
Signed in 1620. Established self-government and the principle of majority rule that we still use today
Mayflower Compact
Example of local government that got its start with democratic practices in churches.
Town Meetings
Signed in 1215, was the first time more power was granted to the people through their representative assembly. King's power was also limited and required Kings to follow English Law
Magna Carta
Granted more power to representative assemblies and stated that only these elected asslemblies could create tax laws. Also guaranteed rights to English Citizens. Our Bill of Rights is similar.
English Bill of Rights
Court case during colonial times that showed the importance of “Freedom of Speech”, an idea that became protected under our First Amendment
Case of John Peter Zenger
This document was the first written constitution in America and was a model for our U.S. Constitution
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
A economic policy that states a country grows strong by expanding trade, increasing gold supply, and exporting more than importing.
Restricted free enterprise in the colonies, Colonists were only allowed to trade with England, colonists had to pay taxes on goods were all parts of this economic policy
The Navigation Acts
A person who worked for a set time period with little or no pay in exchange for passage to America
Indentured Servant
Economic idea that grew in Amercia through private ownership of land, ability to make money, with little interference of the English government
Capitalism and Free Enterprise
Route in which raw materials were shipped from the colonies to England, finished goods were shipped to the Colonies and Africa, African slaves were shipped to the colonies.
Triangular Trade Route
Portion of the Triangular Trade Route in which slaves were shipped to the colonies. African slaves were transported in horrendous conditions and many of them did not survive this journey
The Middle Passage
A form of government in which citizens elect representatives to serve them in government and grew throughout the colonies as colonists wanted to participate in government decisions
Republicanism, Representative Democracy, Representative Government.
Person who saved the settlement of Jamestown by putting in place his "Work or Starve" rule.
John Smith
Region in which children attended the first public schools.
New England Colonies
Regions in which there existed very few schools and wealthy families hired private tutors or sent children to private schools
Middle and Southern Colonies
A mild climate, rich soil, and a long growing season allowed for this type of economy
Type of labor traded on the Triangular Trade during the Middle Passage that was mainly used to work on Plantations and farms in the Southern Colonies
Colony founded by James Oglethorpe as haven for English debtors and poor. Bordered Spanish Florida
Colony once was a part of Pennsylvania
Colony founded by William Penn for the Quakers, believed in religious tolerance and treating Native Americans fairly.
Colony once owned by The Netherlands, renamed once it became an English colony. Economy based on the fur trade.
New York
Colony that was once part of New York
New Jersey
Original Puritan Colony that had no religious tolerance. Government and Church were very tied together. Founded for religious freedom
Colony founded by Thomas Hooker after leaving Massachusetts. This colony had more religious freedom, and separation of church and state, and first written constitution in America
Founded by Roger Williams after being kicked out of Massachusetts. Believed in separation of church and state and more religious freedom
Rhode Island
Trade was important to this region due to the cold climate and poor soil
New England Colonies
First English colony in America, founded by Sir Walter Raleigh for economic reasons
Colony that later split into two, founded by 8 Lord Propriertors for economic reasons
North and South Carolina
Founded by Lord Calvert as a haven for English Catholics, tolerated other Christian religions.
The border that forms the eastern edge of the 13 colonies
Atlantic Ocean
Lack of food, shelter, participation of colonists, swampy location, & disease, caused a low survival rate for this settlement
House of Burgesses, Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, participation in church, and Town Meetings all encouraged the growth of this type of government
Representative Democracy, Representative Government, or Republicanism
Increased production of this crop led to Indians lose more land, increase in large plantations, importation of more slaves